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my 2012 animal family.

Carol  ·  Jan. 9, 2012

it took a year before i adopted june and benny after tyra's wasn't because i was waiting for the right time or the right dog to fill her empty was because i did not feel that i should adopt...i had lots of reasons. in the end since benny and june were up for euth. my reasons suddenly became stupid.

i have decided to give frodo's spot in my odd animal family to someone else. there are too many cats here and a new one coming in was not going to like it here, so i couldn't go and adopt another death had to be someone special already settled and happy here. so my criteria are...frodo's spot had to be for someone who liked it here, who would never find a better home and was going to be stuck here forever without a better home ever wanting to adopt him or her.... and since i don't like being personally cat-less....that meant frodo's hine family spot had to go to another little big problem-child or asshole.

and then there is dixie's loss....another odd shaped hole in my heart left to fill...

dixie's spot is easy..i will adopt her very best freak out friend and his 2 not so freaked out but piss-a-lot brothers..the fruit loops have been with me for a decade...the longest living animals here..of course they finally should have their very own home and be part of my family...even if it is only here.

for frodo? well i have decided that the only larger than life, no hope of a home asshole who i absolutely adore and actually likes me is....gulp...

conan the barbarian cat.

my family is now perfectly equal and even...4 dogs..daphne, phoebe, benny and june....4 cats..sunny, mango, tang and conan....all of them messed up in some very big way and all of them now personally own their very own human...(me)...yay!... (i think.)



okay i finally accessed it but before it used to say i had voted for this shelter in my last round. i want that back. so much eaier.


i went on it but cannot access it. will not search, nothing happens. help

Bunny Horne

CONGRATS to all of you. I trust they will all be bride's maids and ushers at Jenn's wedding?