Rescue Journal

oh fer chrissakes

Carol  ·  Jan. 11, 2012

june has already started eating the couch..i am afraid to go look at what mystic has done.

bruiser, papa john and esther did well with their vet visits..lucky remains a bit of a question mark.

lucky is still not feeling well tonight..lots of bacteria in her stool so we think it is just another of her nasty intermittent gastric upsets. tonight she had another liquid, bloody diarrhea and she won't cooperatively take her meds in canned food cuz she feels too crappy to eat. i managed to get 2 of her flagyl in her but the third one didn't get given, i wasn't too keen to lose any of my fingers tonight. i will see how she is in the morning...if no better, i will get her into the vet again...maybe we should do xrays and see what is happening in there right now cuz maybe something has really changed...llke maybe again she has a gutful of rocks.

marj got booted out of the mp communal cat room, she is terrorizing pest. we moved her over to a medical room pen for a bit while i think on where to inflict her on other innocent cats next.

we worked on the shop a bit more today...i am taking a pile of stuff to chilliwack AC and SPCA in the morning and then will do another dump run. hopefully with some of that stuff gone, we can find a neat and tidy way to store everything else.

tomorrow i will pick up some black duct tape to fix the new holes that june has made and then i am saturating that freaking couch in bitter apple and hoping she leaves it alone after that.

sore and achey tonight..forgot to take the ibuprofen until late this afternoon so time for a hot bath to soak the aches out...then maybe i will be in a better mood.



Carol, I have a new bottle of bitter stuff spray, do you want me to bring it in Saturday ? I don't need it. And Wow, it is bitter. It lasted for 24 hrs on me.! Bringing in a few donations of things too.
Hope Lucky is ok.


are you interested in a heavy duty washer...if so Randy said he would deliver it.