Rescue Journal

vegan wedding snow photo day.

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2012

skeleton crew today but man was everyone good at getting things done. today was wedding photo shoot day for a cool and sweet couple of dress and all..they got some awesome shots of wills trying to play with the dress and when that didn't work, going straight for chomping the boob pic for fun..the whole experience of weddng photos in saints barn yards complete with our animal friends was simply hilarious!

but between following them around and standng doing not much at all except crowd control (ie don't eat, head butt or knock over the expensive camera shit) and an earlier fall on the hill..i literally feel like i was run over by a ten ton truck...i just took some tylenol and a baileys and hot chocolate and am hoping to be barn bedtime mobile in an hour....cuz i would like to go to my family dinner..if i can move by then.

nothing much else to report..i heard from janice so she is alive if not yet exactly well...but i am glad she is not dead.


Lori Paul

Carol, that's wonderful to hear someone is considering Pest as a potential adoption! It's a dream come true really, as I know he would prefer a person of his very own (though no doubt he's willing to keep sharing you!) Please keep me posted via the blog (as I'm sure you will) and thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for saving our boy from euthanization after a dozen years of being a perfectly good pet. My fingers are crossed!


pest is quite attached to that cage..BUT..he has a very good adoption inquiry.


hopefully it has stopped by tomorrow,it is falling quite a bit tonight. hope i can make it in it is very beautiful but it also sucks for travel. we will see tomorrow.

Lori Paul

I'm wondering if Pest is out of his cage yet...thanks for relocating his tormenter :)


well hopefully you can make it for dinner, was a good day at saints see you all tomorrow. get better janice. and missed you maggie and kim.