Rescue Journal

can't sleep...

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2012

a. my stomch is upset either from the pizza i ate for dinner or the 4 cups of milk that i drank tonight.
b. i am worried about janice who i sent home sick today..telling her to go to emerg or a clinic if she wasn't better in a couple of hours..and i can't get a hold of her to see how she is.
c. it is snowing..looks pretty..might mess up volunteers coming to help in the morning. for those of you who can drive in the snow..use stavelake road from the bottom up...they keep it well cleared cuz it leads up to city hall and the municipal works yard so it gets plowed frequently....each time the plows go up and down the hill. i have never had trouble getting up or down it....even in the worst winter weather years.

i think i will check the weather report to see how long this snow will be here.



Very sorry...not going to make it. Snow coming down faster than I can shovel it. Plow left a mountain of heavy wet snow across the top of the drive.

Bunny Horne

Thanks for the weather report, we will come tomorrow in the Barbie SUV not the Mustang that can't get through one flake of snow.
Any up date on Janice.


Carol, please let Jen know, I won't be able to make it in today with the snow.