Rescue Journal

ya'll probably wanna know....

Carol  ·  Jan. 14, 2012

how much snow is up here..and i ain't so sure i wanna tell ya cuz ifn i say there is moren an inch..i might be all by my snowy lonesome.

sigh...there is 3-4 inches..and it is melting so its heavy and wet...which might or might not be good news on the roads and not so great news if you have to push a wheelbarrow or don't have snowtires or boots.

i think i will get dressed, clean off the car and go down the hill to get breakfast (to energy up in case wheelbarrow pushing is required) cuz i do have boots and snowtires.

i finally got back to sleep around stomach settled so that is good...but i still haven't heard from janice so that's not good. i will wait til the back hill billy roads are plowed and then drive over to check on her.

family dinner tonight (which i am providing at my ex's house) so i am not too pleased with the current winter weather either.

well..i better go see if that idiot snow pup odie is finally ready to come back in...apparently snow stirs the wild and free (and uncooperative) snowbound heart of almost hairless, blind, northern minded huskys.



Sounds like Odie has turned into a comedic sidekick. :o) He sure sounds like a handful even with his blindness! Thanks to you and SAINTS for giving him a home where he is secure enough to show both the bad and good sides of his unique personality!