Rescue Journal

back to work tomorrow.

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2012

it was the best barn bedtime and ko put out the hay and had everyone's feed bowls and apples ready to go..that was so nice at the end of the day..thx you guys!!!!

today was poopy butt day....yoda got thrown in the sink to de-poop his butt and altho it almost killed my knee, this afternoon i was able to give manny's butt and tail a very good wash...but i should have done it earlier when lynn and anne were here to help me.

krista came up today to do a few things so we came up with an emergency plan for the case of short staffing and the big snow dump coming so everyone knows who goes to do what to cover the basics..we will catch up on the non essential things later.

too bad i am not off this might have been handy to have me around.

i am trying to get my personal laundry thru and i still have some saints stuff left to dry but then i am done for the night.

we moved crosby back into the bunny room..too cold for her outside again.

all of the animals are good right one is on my immediate worry list..hope they all stay good for a least until it settles and the snow goes away and everything gets back to normal.





we do not like butt washing.