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twilight zone

Carol  ·  Jan. 15, 2012

there are some mornings when what i long for is to get out of bed, toddle over to the couch and do sweet bugger all for the entire day....that would be what i am longing for today.

go ahead carol...long away.

last day of vacation and none of the things i wanted to get done, got done. the shop and office and my car are all still a freaking what else is new? oh freaking well. at least if i had been laying on the god damn couch and not doing stuff, it would be ok but unfortunately i wasn't laying on the fact the last time i remember laying on the couch was when i broke my ankle almost exactly 5 years ago (jan 17th 2007.)
oh yeah..i remember now..couch laying wasn't so fun back then.

odie is totally pissing bruiser off this morning...jeezuz odie knock it off, that dog is NOT a toy!

oddly enough i woke up this morning to a single second sound of glass breaking. i heard it in my sleep and then it was gone. so i was laying there thinking..did i really hear that or was it part of a dream? istarted going thru my head..What glass was here that could shatter? a window? no it did not sound like a window? a picture on the wall? it didn't crash like a picture would when hitting the floor.

it must have been a dream.

however when i got up there was a single water glass shattered in the exact middle of the kitchen floor which is interesting because i don't use glass drinking things..any we have are put far away and buried deep in the cupboards..i use mugs for everything..with animals it is safer.

so i thought maybe conan the barbarian got into the cupoards and knocked it out...except..conan was sleeping on his bed and all of the cupboard doors were closed.

apparently this glass flew out of some forgotten cupboard, crashed to the exact middle of the kitchen floor, and then closed the cupboard door.

it bugs me..honestly how did that freaking glass get smashed on the kitchen floor?

this place is odd glasses from nowhere start smashing themselves and it has to become some weird twilight zone?

early morning perplexities..esp. ones involving danger to the animals (ie broken glass).... piss me off.



so sorry about your dad's passing wendy,my deepest condolences to you and your family.
smoke and ewok are both doing great and i am sure your dad is watching out for them now too.

Wendy Scott

Hi Carol,
Very interesting about the broken glass. I have a feeling about it. Carol my dad passed away Dec 29 after a battle of nine days.It was horrible watching him fight the infections. I was with him at the end and it wasn't easy to witness. I had wished to have one more Christmas with my Dad while he could enjoy it. I was fortunate to be off work, so spent my day and nights at hospital with Dad. I love him dearly and will miss his laugh and good humor. I believe we will all be reunited one day with each other. I also believe Dad will be there for Smokey and Ewok when their time comes. God Bless everyone at Saints.


Sure Lynne, we all know when you start drinking you can't remember what cup you used!!! Anne, keep up the good work, harassing Lynne while I'm not there. I miss you guys... and everyone at SAINTS


smarten up brenda, 1 week we can allow you but 2 weeks, that is not acceptable. lol. and anne was kind of mean to me today. she said the broken glass was my glass of baileys i had here yesterday. all lies i had that baileys in a styrofoam cup so it was not me.


Well, we have over a foot of snow here in Hope, - had to cancel my dog's (non-emergency) surgery today, as my vet is in Surrey. It's rebooked for next weekend, so I won't be able to come to SAINTS next weekend either. More snow is cooming all week I hear, so I hope Mission doesn't get too much. Back to more shovelling!!


My late husband was a Native American Traditional Healer (aka a Medicine Man) and we had lots of strange things that happened in our home.

The broken glass could be three things:

1. As already mentioned, a spirit of an animal that passed that is trying to communicate something.

2. A spirit of a person who has passed away is trying to communicate something.

3. A mischievous "little person" -- the Native American version of a leprechaun-- is visiting and/or has moved in and is playing tricks on you.

If it is a spirit of an animal or person who has passed, it probably means that they are hungry and thirsty and you need to "feast" them. That means leaving a cup of water and some food on a plate (paper is best) that is put out in the bush somewhere as an offering. You could also create a small fire and put the food into the fire to burn as an offering, and then pour some water around the fire and a little into it -- all while saying a prayer that who ever left the message may eat and drink and be full.

If it is a little person, leave some candy or a treat out for them in a place the dogs/cats can't get to --I don't know if you have such a place :o) Also, tell them in a loud voice "Knock it out, guys! You are welcome to live here if you follow the rules, if not, please find somewhere else to live, thank you very much."

Very rarely, it could be a spirit stuck in your house who does not want to leave -- then you would have to do a few other things. I don't believe it is that since it sounds like something like this has never happened before.

Seriously-- my husband used to counsel people all the time regarding such things. I routinely feast my relatives using a sacred fire. When my beloved dog passed away last summer, I feasted her and put some dog food and her favorite human food in the fire to feed her in the Spirit World.


we had a similar 'breakage' happen exactly 1 year to the day of our dog's thinking someone might be trying to say hello to you from another place?


We have a foot of snow here and thankfully Roxane came to the rescue yesterday with Nick and shoveled paths for the pigs , did waters, fed and then took me too the Doctors. Stubborn as a pig the pain was unbearable and they think it is a bladder stone. I can't stand longer then 30 minutes and then the pain has me doubled over .. I miss the barn guys there and feel terrible for letting them down as well as Carol and everyone else who had to step up and do what i was supposed to be doing there.