Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2012

june and mystic might have broken a few of my ribs playing on the bed tonight...but geez those two love each other..nice to have a best friend.

flicka continues to be totally obsessed with ziggy pop..he wishes she would just go away, but not likely because flicka is utterly besotted.

for the first time, odie has decided to sleep on the couch..he is so cute hugging his little back foot like it is some kind of security blanket. man when he is sleeping (and not stirring up shit,) he is freaking adorable!!!

all the meds are done..the fireplaces and heaters and furnace are all chugging away so i guess i better head off to bed now too because tomorrow promises to be a long, cold and VERY snowy day...thank god i took the rest of the week off!


Bunny Horne

I hope you are kidding about your ribs. Maybe you should sleep on one of those new sofas.

I hope everything is okay out there with all the snow that's hitting. Be safe.