Rescue Journal

it was one of THOSE days!

Carol  ·  Jan. 16, 2012

mission is an absolute gong show with all of this snow! the staff all made it up today and took great care of the animals..(except for janice she was in the hospital stoned on morphine...poor janice, feel better soon!!!!!!!) i am taking the rest of the week off..i simply cannot stand the stress of leaving here and not knowing if folks will be able to get up this freaking snow covered mountain.
i can drive in pretty much anything (i learned to drive in saskatchewan in the winter) and even i had trouble getting down the hill this morning... it was like a skating rink.

i did stock up on necessities like bread and peanut butter and jelly so i will not starve to death if i can't get out when the next projected big snow storm hits on wed.

just so you know... peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are a rescuers basic emergency meal..filling and full of energy and quick to slap together too!

i sort of rescued a little cat today..or maybe i catnapped her..not sure. but the friendly little bugger jumped into my car and started rolling around in the back seat. what was i supposed to do?..kick her back out in the snow? anyway i dropped her off at the spca so if her owners aren't totally stupid, they should be able to find her there. i told them if she wasn't claimed to name her gypsy rose lee...and if they didn't find her a home, to call me...shades of many cats will jump into a total strangers car and make themselves right at home?

sad sigh...missing my frodo.

so far there is like 2 and a half feet of snow up is beautiful but..tomorrow we better knock the snow off the wire roofed chicken pens or they will come crashing down...(again.)...and that will TOTALLY suck.



A doctor once told a friend of mine who was in severe straits financially that a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole grain bread was nutrionally a pretty complete meal.


i will make sure we have them hooked up and on tomorrow..i better stuff all the outside sheds with more straw too if it is going to get that cold....brrrrh!


Mama Duck is just wondering if my feathered friends will have their heat lamps on cause it's supposed to get down to -15 on Tuesday.


pigs LOVE snow roff... they get the zoomies, they love to eat it and when they are tired of goofing around..they want their warm and dry beds and dinner asap!


I always wondered how pigs do in the snow. Your observations will be lots of fun.

Good luck on the Peanut Butter holding out!