Rescue Journal

don't touch my tumor!

Carol  ·  Jan. 17, 2012

i found a large mass on rumple right by his penis..he looked at me in absolute horror (ie his eyes were bugging out more than usual!) that i would dare touch him in his private region. i said sorry but masses are not private they need to be publically inspected for his general health and wellbeing.

brutally cold and hard day all around...the water lines are frozen to both the shop and the barn. hauling water from the house to everywhere needed, sucks big time for everyone. ernie dug out the van and we hit town for some emergency stock up things....i picked up some chains for his truck cuz selfishly i need him to get up the hill to work. and ryan will stay over in the suite for the next couple of nights in case a weather disaster strikes.

so we have stocked and planned the best that we can to get thru this brutally cold/snowy week. thank god we have a couple of strong and willing guys here who can shovel and haul heavy things like water or we would be totally screwed...i am too old and broken for this frozen popsicle shit.

funnies for the day....

our top deep snow dogs are june, mystic, benny, al, buddy, bear and odie...odie is hilarious in the snow..he LOVES to be running and burying his face. he is all over this farm just like a sighted dog...all these guys had a total blast running around like morons in the deep snow.

our deep snow flop for the day is ed...oh my freaking god that idiot and stubborn chow is WAY beyond stupid. he WILL NOT use one of the paths either the dogs or the humans have made..he has to trudge thru the deepest and most virgin snow. i honestly thought the moron was going to fall over and die, he was working so hard to move forward thru the chest deep snow all on his own. we finally locked him back in the office cuz he is simply too stupid to be out in this.

i made us all hot soup and sandwiches and that really felt good to come in, get warmed up inside and out for a bit before going back out in the cold. i will do it again for the rest of the week (but only cuz i am trying to actually not kill the staff with this brutally hard to work in weather.)

the dogs took out my sore knee in the kitchen being hundred pound idiot sticks..i yelled at everyone..get the hell out of the kitchen you freaking morons! the shitzheads stayed in there cuz they knew they were no threat to my knee.

there is something to be said for rescuing little they are less likely to cripple you permanently.

tomorrow i would like a warm enough weather to unfreeze the water lines....that would be nice.

oh and new remote score...
mystic 11
carol 0

big sigh.



My water lines are all frozen here at my house too, Carol - sucks big time. Just want this cold, snowy weather to go away. Probably won't make it up there tomorrow to hug the bunnies - the roads in Hatzic are like driving on washboards, and the ones in Mission aren't much better!


What kind of pump do you have? Submersible or above ground? If an above ground one, the pipe going to the house can be disconnected, packed with course salt, reconnected,open tap and in about a half hour, voila! otherwise hairdryer or heater under crawlspace and put heat tapes on your list of to dos:)
And I was just down there and you guys are nutz!

Bunny Horne

Not a tumor on Rumple. I hope it's going to be nothing much to worry about. He's the caretaker of the feed shed, we need his assistance.


Benny used to take his bone outside in the freezing cold and knaw on it for hours.