Rescue Journal

my new cell phone...

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2012

does not work very well...i don't get good reception up here and it is frustrating as hell. so if you are calling and not getting thru cuz i can't hear you..not my is the crappy cell. when the weather settles out i will go get a different one...but not for a few days.

it is freezing and dangerously iced up around all doors and gates here so for the very first time the horses will be spending the day in their stalls..the guys will just shift them individually to pop's empty stall while cleaning in there. i told them just do the necessities inside barns/shed/ up the waters, give the outside pigs a ton more straw to keep warm in and give everyone a ton of hay to eat (it helps them stay warm.)

i broke the house dryer..i shoved in too big of a no house shop washer (water lines are still frozen)..we will have to wash in the house...dry in the shop until someone has time..and a relatively cleared path to shift a spare dryer over here...might take a couple of days of accomplish that.

ok...i guess i better do something useful..i am weanily reluctant to move because of my sore knee.


Bunny Horne

Carol, who is your service provider - FIDO (no pun intended), Rogers, someone else.....