Rescue Journal

three hours of the blow dryer shoved down that hole in the wall has been....

Carol  ·  Jan. 18, 2012

for naught...damn.

i will say tho i am mightily impressed with the gutz of that blow dryer cuz it has not blown up, shorted or crapped out yet.

anyway..i wanna go to bed so i better go turn it off, don't need to burn the house down trying to unfreeze the freaking pipes.

i so wish this had worked.



Carol, can you please check your Facebook messages? I thought I had your email, but I dont. If you could send it to me via FB, that would be great. Also, apparently they were able to clean/tend to the thought-to-be-possibly-wild horses feet, which I assume may indicate he ("she" is actually a boy and possibly an "old" boy that) is not wild and a candidate for rescue assistance. Yay!