Rescue Journal

from the ice castle (term stolen from jenn!)

Carol  ·  Jan. 19, 2012

we still have running water to the kitchen sink and the toilet but the rest has not unthawed yet. it had started melting outside late this afternoon..but it has all frozen up again..note to myself..put out the de-icer by the door every couple of hours.the barn guys were confined for the second day in a row due to ice..flicka is getting pretty pissed off..she wants out! oh well better pissed off than broken, you silly impatient horse!

only one major scrap today..phoebe and odie..odie got a scratch on his nose and his feelings were hurt. phoebe got sent back to the zen den.

i let ryan go home tonight..poor guy can't even shower here right now. hopefully all of the staff make it in tomorrow or i am freaking screwed to the wall.

i started taking arthrotec again yesterday, my knee was so bad and it worked great!..while i was in pharmacy picking up meds for the animals, i checked my blood pressure just in case...shit... 160/96 just over re-confirms i can't take that drug anymore...that totally sucks big time...for somone wrecked and in chronic pain like me..that med worked super great.

well another end of a freaking frozen day...please let it warm up significantly now...the barn guys and dogs all want out and i freaking want a hot bath!

i am such a loser...
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i gotta quit falling asleep with the remote control in the bed.


Bunny Horne

Carol, if there is anything that you need Brent and I to bring with us for Sunday please let us know. You can email me or phone Brent (you have his #). By Sunday the worst should have passed but I'm just sayin'... We've got a replenishment supply of Costco sized Peanut B and Jam for your cupboards. What else do you need to be replenished? Oatmeal cookies?
MO we will bring some fruit for the barn dude's breakfast.


Re the pipes:
I have lived for a couple of decades in poorly insulated homes. The way we have avoided frozen pipes is by "dripping" them when it goes below about 20 F... keeping a very small but steady stream running through them keeps them from freezing since it is much harder for moving water to freeze. I prefer the "drip method" to the more draconian "shut the water off, drain the pipes and flush the toilets" method, which also works splendidly but is more of a pain in the morning. Home improvement stores sell insulating wraps for pipes, some of which are heated.


Oh no, another remote. I'm gonna stalk up on them for you. Darn Mystic.
I Love my hot baths, so I can't imagine.


Carol, A few months ago I saw at the dollar giant in Maple Ridge universal remotes for about 3 to 4 dollars a pop if I recall