Rescue Journal

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2012

i don't see any rain or warm pipe unfreezing weather happening out there yet today...hurry up..i am waiting!

i have not heard a word out of phoebe since early evening last night..i am wondering if she is still alive??? i will check later..for now my motto is: let sleeping bitchy/biting red dragons lie.

june is becoming a bed buddy which is ok except she takes up a lot of space...she needs her very own space in there for another june sized bed so everyone has to shift over and make room. it is a squeeze, but she fits.

shit..phebes is awake and wants out...phoebe..BE GOOD TODAY!

my dog family...
phoebe.. the red bitchy/bitey dog,
june.. the big brown scaredy cat dog,
benny.. the cream colored giant fatty dog (last weigh in was 160 pounds!!!)
and daphne.. the long and low leaky black and tan dog... boss of me and the rest of the world.

love is a many not so splendid thing.

you would think being a long time rescuer with tons of experience with messed up creatures, that my family of misfits would naturally be the most well behaved and emotionally/physically fit messed up animals in the world. yeah animals are just as messed up (or more) than everyone dogs are cats are pissing insane... i shudder to think what this says about me...maybe i sort of suck at the rescue thing??

oh well..i like screwy animals which is why i have not murdered a certain remote control eating addict or a big baby blind stirring up shit mini husky, or our prima donna ancient dingo bag..or that pissalot and everywhere possible, freaking super bladder out of control, old man shane.

jeezuz, come on all-freaking-ready...where the hell is the warm freaking rain?????

maybe i should send shane out there to piss away all of the snow.

oh..and the not so great news of the day is...

molly3 (the 5 yr old chained hip dysplagic rotti out in permanent foster care..this freaking dog is a vet bill continual nightmare!!!) has blown her knee..just what we need a $2000 freaking knee repair surgery bill, thx so much molly!!!!


Bunny Horne

Sharon, thank you for this link. We just checked it. Comments on the clinic we attended - we miss Dr. _____, but the same great staff is there. new vet, Dr. _____ is more concerned about $$$ than my cat.

My feeling exactly. I have never visited a vet (and I have had tons of animals - multi species) where the vet didn't immediately stick a thermometer up the pet's bum and examine the animal's mouth. Vet Dude barely touched my cat.

But I will admit the staff was EXCELLENT. One young woman was exceptional, super impressive and attentive to the patient and the owner. I told her she was fabulous. Not enough people let excellent people know that they are appreciated. I asked if she was a vet tech. Nope, not a registered vet tech, a registered nurse working as a vet tech. Immediately I thought my goodness here's a Carol Hine II.


Bunny, that makes me so mad. Here's a link to rate my vet. I know that doctors do check out the comments on Rate My Doctor so maybe the vets do too. It would be good for him to know how he's perceived.


I'll do that and give you some print-outs on the weekend, Lynne. Too much to go into here.


can you give us an idea helga of what people will go for as i am going through my stuff and also want to donate to big brothers.

Bunny Horne

Just took my kitty to the vet. She had a tiny spec on her inside thigh last weekend and now it's 3" in diameter cause she is obsessed with licking herself to death. He barely looked at her. Didn't take her temp even though I asked, didn't look into her mouth to give me hell about dentistry, didn't check her ears...barely even looked at her boo boo. Wanted to charge me $300++ for a swab to see if it was a bacterial thing or an allergy. I could barely understand his ESL. Wanted $150++ for a slide. What would that tell us I asked. Maybe nothing. $150 for maybe nothing. Forget it. Sorry Miss Sassy you get to be a cone head for a while and we'll try a regime of antibiotics. I noticed the vet was covered in scratches. Wonder if they are from the pets or the pets' owners.


Gotta to be at my place. We don't want to get the shop at Saints all cluttered up again. I'm going go through everything I've got so far and trash anything that doesn't look saleable. Seeing what was unsold at our last sale and also the Humane Society sale gives you a good idea what people will go for.


gee lol i could haave 39 glasses of wine going all at once. never mind ann do not even comment. ha ha.


My water pipes finally unfroze late yesterday - guess that heater under the house did the trick (and thank god it didn't burnt the house down). Sure is nice to have running water again. I've left a tap running slightly in the bathroom - don't want to go through that again. Hope your bathtub pipes unfreeze soon, Carol.


Well, I don't have frozen pipes, but there is over 3 feet of snow here in Hope - literally!! and more falling right now. I have had to reschedule my dog's surgery again for next weekend, as my vet's in Surrey. (Good thing it's not an emergency). Anyway, not sure when I'll get to SAINTS now. Frigging snow!! I came home last night (early), after I saw the highway was finally looking ok at Sumas Prairie, from North Van where I was working all week. Back to shovelling more trails for my dogs in the back yard now!! I'd be happy to see some rain.


Umm at the rate I break them... I could use 39 wine glasses ..just kidding I have a pretty good collection...and get them from the dollar store as needed. I will also have stuff for a garage sale.

June a Bed Buddy.. BAA HAAA HAAA that must be a sight to see.


Great Helga. My neighbour is also purging so there will be lots there as well. Are you physically collecting at your place?


Hi Maggie. I will be doing another yard sale sometime this summer - when depends on how much good stuff I can accumulate.


If my memory serves someone is collecting goods for a garage sale in the spring?
I am starting a major purge (who the hell needs 39 wine glasses)and would love to donate all.

Carol Ann

Oh Polly my little cockatiel is the messiest of them all. He is also the noisiest at the wrong times lol. My crew of 7 dogs are mostly really good except for my brown biting unreasonable lab. I love them all and they sure aren't perfect. Makes life interesting.


just so you know its 11 am and the rain has arrived here in Ridge & i took Reese out its sure warmer than last night'' 'i am sorry about Molly Rottie 's knee . and my dog & bird are not perfect(do ya want a bird) ?lol in any way'' but then i' don't care they make me happy'' what makes me happy' is animals and people who love animals ''& hope your water pipes unfreeze soon'' pollyb

Janice Gillett

And this is 'rescue' we do not only take in the good, the cute and the well behaved -the perfect, the adoptable, and ones with all there legs. Every three legged rag muffin , flea bitten, snapping , chewing and feral /wild child with a malady of health issues deserves a home and maybe that is not how other rescues do it but it is how WEE do it because we are doing it for the right reasons, we do it for them.


exactly. you get what people do not want or can not have anymore, your animals sure are not going to be perfect, if they were maybe they would still have a home. or maybe the people should be perfect and accept their animals as they are. ha ha as if that is ever going to happen.


It says you are prepared to accept screwy insane where most people would back off in horror. Kudos.