Rescue Journal

dumb and dumbers...

Carol  ·  Jan. 25, 2012

czar laid down in the snow to have a nice roll.

he laid down with his butt high on a snow bank. so when he tried to get up between his big gut and too high butt...he got stuck and flailed around on his side in the snow.
ryan, janice and i surrounded him and suddenly three cows and a donkey concernedly charged to his side. janice is trying to stop percy from stepping on czar's leg and breaking it, ryan ran to get some grain to get rid of the cows and czar said screw this, there are far too many people and cows and donkey's much too close to me and with sudden panicked surge... flew to his feet on his own.

in the meantime, flicka is having a freaking fit because cows and horses are flying around her tiny and much loved and must be protected little donkey..percy runs over to the farm gate with emily and joy and ziggy behind him... and throws his head over and starts bawling out to the dead horse truck which he is sure is rushing right over here......"don't come, it was all a mistake!"

gideon quietly watched the whole freaking fiasco from a distance and when it was over, headed down to the barn for his lunch.
he is such a calm and wise horse...not like all of the other one ton idiot sticks around here.

just a heads up to all staff and volunteers..mission city contracts mission animal control to deal with stray dogs and fraser valley humane society to deal with stray cats. so if anyone finds a stray animal or is here when a member of the public brings in a stray animal..please send the folks who found the stray (or yourselves if it was you...) immediately on to the appropriate place...if it is after hours, the finder will have to (like everyone else in the world)..find some way to safely house the animal over night until the proper authorities open the next day...(i don't have anywhere to put him..or i have three dogs of my own or i am highly allergic is not an excuse to leave the animal here... we are NOT animal control!)

DO NOT let the animal get out of the vehicle.... too many legal and liability risks to staff and volunteers (and the stray animal itself) plus far too many possible health risks to our own frail and elderly (and unvaccinated) animals (because we do not vaccinate our elderly guys.) we are not set up or mandated to take in unknown strays..we are a privately run senior and special needs animal sanctuary whose admissions are carefully thought out and planned..

the only exception to this is a badly injured animal..that animal may immeditely be taken to our vets at our cost and then the appropriate authorities notified.



oh yes mo...
1. caroline and edith are now on injectible metacam m/w/f so don't give any oral meds on the weekend except the glucosamine for caroline.

2. the cows were cut back on their grain to 1/3 of a large scoop each..i didn't realize i forgot to tell you until you so kindly did their dinner up for me last weekend! sorry!!


I'm sure that this episode with Czar et al was a true nightmare while it was taking place. But READING about it (as opposed to LIVING it) made me laugh out loud mpre than once! It sounds like the barnyard version of the Keystone Cops! Flicka freaking out about Ziggy... Percy telling the truck to go away... seriously funny (once everyone was safe)!


Oh Yea How is Caroline doing ? Anything the barn volunteers need to know for the week-end ?


I would like the Logo e-mailed to me as well please, I am putting the website on my car as well.



Did you get a chance to speak to anyone at Fox's Reach. I didn't hear back from the manager.


tammy (or anyone?) please can you email me a pic (jpeg file) of the new saints logo, cant seem to find it on here. bunnys got a helluva idea, wanna put it on the back window of my truck too :)