Rescue Journal

the new book arrived today.

Carol  ·  Jan. 26, 2012

i think it is pretty damn funny that i (techno retard) can get bored for couple of hours and seven days later..i have this very professionally constructed but innocently thrown together little book with great photo's of some of my favorite guys in my hands.

it is just a little, simple thing but i like it anyway.

everyone seems ok today. janice and ryan got brad's stall stripped and rebuilt with dry stuff so he is no longer stuck with a wet bed...YAY!

the animals all seem well settled, which is good cuz i am tired.

hot bath, idol and then off to bed!

i retract the everyone is ok comment...smokey is crashing again tonight..right back to doesn't have a clue where he is. he must be bleeding again and his blood pressure dropping which is probably why he is so confused.
and now i this just another small, temporary bleed or is it the big and final one starting?



come on smokey do it again get better that is. also a note to the volunteers. on sun i have to be in at a funeral at 130 in burnaby a sad thing only a 9 year old boy. so i will have to leave saints at about 11 to get ready and ann is not going to be there. can anyone else come besides brenda and zoe. would appreciate it thanks.

Wendy Scott

Omg , please not Smokey now. I'm praying with all my heart that he will recover. Please keep me posted. I love you Smokey.