Rescue Journal

just a couple of things....

Carol  ·  Jan. 27, 2012

if i trip her and she dies (or at least breaks something important).......i might get whatever it is that she is eating....(thx rumple!)

my eating cat shit is no grosser than anyone else eating cat shit...(sorry bambi..but with that tongue of yours, it is way grosser!)

STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT! STOP IT!....(shut the hell up tina!!!)

one pissassippi, two pissassippi, three pississippi....(knock it off with the pississippi's conan!)

murder at saints...

janice was totally traumtized today..mystic came up to the barn with a bird clamped in her mouth..janice had a helluva time prying her jaws loose from the poor thing. it was still alive and appeared unharmed..., so she put it in crosby's empty house with the door open to give it some safety and peace, in case it recovered on it's own. a couple of minutes later it was gone.

when she looked up to see where it had flown away to... she saw a crow in the tree with the little bird in it's beak.

poor wee (and mystic) sucks.

heads up to saturdays volunteers...i stupidly came home with one of my charts in the car so i will have to go back into work first thing in the morning to drop it off. and at noon, i am heading to chilliwack spca to pick up the new little cushings dog so i won't be around a lot but i will be here for a bit inbetween.

watch mystic and don't let her catch any more birds!



Oh and p.s. ~ you should send the more bastardly ones with Laura to the groomers on Monday I'll be happy to groom all the easier ones I need the practice.. I have the shampoo, brushes including a furminator, nail clippers, ear cleaner, Brian's old clippers everything I need


Dammit! I should've stopped reading when the bird was okay and in the pen. I much prefer happy endings... As unrealistic as that may be. As a kid I had to stop old yeller early and have my mom tell me my own personal alternate ending otherwise I'd be hysterical... Who am I kidding I'd probably still do that..