Rescue Journal

how do you think a real life rescue conversation goes?

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2012

nicole...hi just called (ie animal emergency) and they have this poor, little, sweet, 14 y old with bloody diarrhea that the owners can't pay for and have signed over for euth. that they feel terrible about.

carol..oh the poor little thing, how sad and unfair..of course we will help this poor little girl. this is how it really goes... work just called and they have this 14 yr old with bloody diarrhea signed over for euth. that they feel terrible about.

carol...what kind of dog?

nicole...they said she is a little, skinny coyote looking thing.

carol...little skinny coyote looking things, sound like a pain in the ass.

and nicole laughs...

oh incoming..little skinny coyote looking 14 yr old dog with bloody diarrhea will be her way to saints...tomorrow..after some bloodwork...and i bet she IS a pain in the ass.



Ha Ha! Nicole at AE sometimes is not the best thing!! Although she has been there for me when I've burst in with a cat emergency or two.