Rescue Journal

kobe had a good first night

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2012

slept like a log up by my head.

you can tell when some animals have gone thru a difficult stress...when they start feeling better, their bodies crash into mush initially and they sleep. of course some actually sleep to escape pain and stess too and pain meds can also sedate them so you have to look at the whole of them to figure out which they are doing. i think kobe had a hard time with confinement..i think he is one of those dogs who copes better if free to roam and burn off his stress...i think when confined..he feels helpless.

anyway..don't get me wrong here..the little guy is still anxious..but it is a normal kind of managable anxiety that comes with any major is not the over the top meltdown freak outs like some of them have had...(bibi...raymond...clyde.) so i am happy with that!

i sure am sleeping deep...and i know it is from stress..i fall asleep every night now before nine and could stay asleep (if no one gets sick or bugs me) until 9 the next morning. sadly..someone pretty much wakes me up a few times at least. and i am one of those people who functions perfectly fine with messed up sleep...i just sleep when i can grab a few zzzz's and it works for me. it comes from years of working all shifts, nights, days, afternoons..we don't realize how even 30 minute power naps can re-energise the sleep deprived. this is why i like my afternoon days off free..if i need sleep i can grab some and if i don't then i can do something else equally refreshing to me.

the two physical things humans stress over beyond anything sleep and their bowels. and interestingly enough those are two things that animals don't really stress over at all...they poop and they sleep when they feel the need, the rest of the time they don't really worry about these things...(unless they have a real physical problem like mega colon...those guys worry about that cuz they do need help a lot.)
and that is something i learned from living with animals..don't sweat normal, every day sleep and poop..if you don't worry obsessively about either of them, they will more easily eventually come to you.



carol i will bring bear up around 6 tonite, ok? i cant believe what a great dog he is. i knew he was a good dog, but i didnt know how good :)