Rescue Journal hour and a bit to chill out before it is time for barn bedtime.

Carol  ·  Jan. 29, 2012

sebastion was adopted today, super nice retired lady who also volunteered in hospice for many years...she and sebastion already have something in common from their pre-retirement working years!

daisy two met a potential adopter today which is most likely a go..again a super nice lady who absolutely adores her little dogs..daisy will have a new sister in toostie the daxie.

odie and phoebe had a millimeter of a second scrap, odie's eye is sore and is starting to look infected. it took THREE humans and a muzzle to get the antibiotic eye drops into him and still it was done with great difficulty..including, but not limited to... thrashing around like a maniac and hysterical husky screaming. geez that dog is a big freaking baby!

buddy pulled a muscle again so he is sore when he moves..and yes he was running round like an idiot again this weekend chasing mystic and june.

apparently the shop driveway is flooded...oh freaking yay.
edith would not eat much today..just a couple of crackers, a few peanuts and a tiny bit of popcorn.

i am switching to afternoon shifts next week so i am hoping to slip out early tomorrow morning and take an apple to dixie..i haven't seen her since the bad weather hit and i am missing her.

one of gideon's eyes doesn't look good today so i will check him at bed time. he has a lot of intermittent eye problems that pop up every once in a while. still for a 36 yr old horse...he sure does freaking well in most respects!

soppy wet day out here..the rain is turning the remaining snow into slick and slippery glacier ice caps...i can't wait til it all finally melts away..i am so done with snow, water and ice.

thank you so much to all of the weekend warriors who braved rain, snow, sleet and ice this weekend to care for the crippled crew... (and esp. to tammy who dragged herself off her deathbed cuz she was afraid i would let her precious marvin starve.)



Yay Sebastian! I am so happy for him but will miss the sweet little guy.


Yes, he is Marvelous Marvin, not Starving Marvin.
He quite likes his special red feeding bowl, like him it is special.

Bunny Horne

Probably you didn't have Marvin's special platinum plated dish to hand feed him from. Feel better soon Tammy, we don't want to have to be hand feeding you.