Rescue Journal

now i remember....

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2012

why i don't like taking in new dogs when i am on a work stretch...
cuz i don't get any sleep!

the torb. started wearing off just after midnight and holly started to protest scream and she not only has continued all night but the other dogs have periodically joined their voices with hers because they can't sleep due to her distress either.

looks like holly is a bibi...and i suspect she will bolt first chance she gets so i do not want her out of the house for any reason unless she is well secured on a martingale and a leash. so everyone please watch her and the doors like a paranoid freak out cuz until that dog finds her mind again, she is at real risk. today i will try introducing her into the computer room so there are at least two gates between her and the front door.
and please god, don't let her stroke before she settles cuz that will totally suck.

oh yay, we once again get to bear witness to the unbearable mindless suffering of an ancient demented discarded dog.

somedays i hate this whole fucking rescue shit....this is the very last place this little traumatized girl should be and the really sad thing is..right now at this moment..this is the only place for her to be.

sorry are going to have to suffer and find your way back to and from here...i promise, you will get there..if you don't have a major stroke first.



So the term used for dogs that take a long time to adjust is "Thats a Bibi". Sad that it was a painful beginning for all but happy his name lives on.....


Poor Holly. :-( Thank you Carol for being there for her and sorry to hear you didn't get any sleep. I sure wish a benefactor would materialize so you could retire.