Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jan. 31, 2012

holly sat on krista's lap today and ate half a can of that's good. she doesn't look so freaked out tonight..anxious yes but not loonie tunes. i tried to feed her on my dinner break but she wasn't too interested and i didn't have time to sit with her on my lap so i will try again later when i get home.

more new incoming..i said "not now" to two dogs and yes to two is an old beat up dog i saw at the shelter when i picked up kobe...looks like shane with bad skin and a lot of hard miles on him. i pick him up on thursday and will drop him right off at the vets for an overnight for bloodwork and neuter the next day. oh and this dogs name is apparently "Oden."

the other (no name dog) i went and saw on my break today and if i had any more tears left in me, i would have cried. she is a homely black shep/whatever her teeth, she looks about 10 yrs old...but maybe she is older..some really old dogs have decent teeth. anyway..this poor dog has starved. i don't mean she has missed a few meals..i mean this is without a doubt the worst case of starvation that i have personally ever seen. the staff warned me before i saw her that she was as bad as trooper..but i never saw trooper in real life, just on TV.

anyway, once i saw her there was no way i wasn't taking her in..i will pick her up tomorrow after holly's vet check and i have already booked her vet appointment for thursday morning.

the other new incoming are a brother and sister set of 3 yr old cats. unfortunately for them, i think somewhere in their past they received an FIV vaccine cuz both of them are testing positive now. we do have a couple of true FIV cats at saints but most of them are false vaccine related positives. the problem of course is you can't really tell which is which so it really reduces their adoptability in traditional shelters and it puts these cats at very risk for unnecessary euthanization. anyway..again...can't let a couple of 3 yr old cats die cuz we developed a REALLY stupid vaccine that brands them for life as positive for the very disease they were vaccinated against.



Carol, you may want to consider having a PCR test done on the 2 FIV+ babes. This test was specifically designed to determine an FIV+ due to infection and an FIV+ due to vaccination. There is a bit of concern over false negatives, but it may be worth it from an adoptability perspective. We have had several over the years not be positive at all. Good luck!

Marla in SD

We fostered a chow/lab mix that was probably less than 30 pounds when she came in. She was so malnourished that her hair was falling out, you could see the bones in her face, and she was scared to DEATH of everyone. Not only had she not been fed, she had been beaten, had run through a sliding glass door, a roll of barbed wire, and heaven only knows what else without treatment. Today, eight years and lots of groceries later, she still is skittish around people she doesn't know, but loves everyone she knows and trusts. Yep, we kept her - 22 months of fostering and then facing the possibility of her going into a new foster home and reverting back to the terrified little girl she was was too much for our hearts to bear. She's about 55 to 60 pounds now, has a body full of jet black hair, and looks great. The people who had her before she came to "temporarily" live with us are lucky I don't know where they live - sometimes I have to remind myself that I can't treat people the way they treat their pets... In the end, the two new SAINTS will know they have found the right place to be, and are blessed that they'll have a safe, bountiful, loving place to call home with all the rest of the SAINTS.

Bunny Horne

Carol, Saints Rescue was just mentioned on Virgin Radio. They were talking about the goat attack in the Valley yesterday. The female host (I think NAT) relayed her story of visiting SAINTS RESCUE and a goat that kept head butting her. She said the founder (THAT'S YOU) took the goat by the horns, held him tight, said "THAT'S ENOUGH OUT OF YOU" and gave him a big kiss on his head. The goat buggered off.
Hmmmm - which goat would that be.... CHEWY!!!!!!


Yea Holly !! and Welcome Oden & Miss No name.. if we are sticking with O names.. how about Olivia or Olive.. ( as in Olive Oil.. she was a pretty skinny chick too :-)


the spca found my dog otis in an empty abandoned house in maple ridge, the people moved and just left him. he too was starved, i dont know how bad though, when we adopted him months later he was still really really bony. i remember trooper, what a miracle dog. whats the new dogs name going to be? stick with the "O" names that are of late, call her hope?


crap, are their any tears left for any of us, life so sucks for a lot of animals, but starvation should not be one of them. how hard is it to give an animal food, maybe not much attention but for gods sake at least feed him. hope he does okay here, and i am sure he will good food lots of love and a warm place to call his own. welcome little guy. and when you told me about the shane look alike i knew in my heart carol that you would get him. you are very transparent. lol