Rescue Journal

i don't have very good news to report...

Carol  ·  Feb. 1, 2012

on my way to pick up the new girl, the spca called and said she had crashed this morning and they were rushing her into the vets. they don't know if she will survive today but all of us hope that she does. the staff said they would call me as soon as they know...for now we wait.

update...this poor sweet dog was euthanized this xray showed a full stomach torsion..there was no way she could have survived the surgery in the condition she was in.

my last image of her was quietly standing with her head pressed gently against lora-lee's chest (her spca caregiver) and i know that dog felt the kindness and love she needed in her last days of life.

lora-lee named her in peace sweet deepest condolances to lora-lee and the other spca staff who tried so hard to make her life right for her again.



we don't know how or why heart was so starved...she was picked up as a stray in Zellers parking lot..maybe she has been lost for months and slowly starving to death..maybe she had a malabsorption condition..maybe she was someone's pet who moved away and left her..maybe someone just never bothered to feed her.

how she got the way she did and why, we will never know...i am just glad that her last days were in a place where she felt kindness and caring...she did not die out on the streets alone.

Bunny Horne

Carol, I needed to do something positive to commemorate Heart's passing. I donated a soft cover copy of your new book, the Saints come marching in, to Barking Babies in YaleTown. They were helpful in raising some funds for Saints at Christmas time and I thought their patrons might need to better understand what Saints is all about. This tiny book is a helpful educational aid. They loved the book. I asked that they share it with their clients. They have a huge box of donated blankets and goodies for Saints. They thought Nicole might be picking them up. Nicole we advised that Brent and I will pick up the box tomorrow (if that's okay with you) and we will bring it out to Saints on Sunday.


i ditto erin, but i was going to say those f------- assholes. whoever they are and did this to her. i so wish we could have saved her. she would have loved saints. shit


I hope the SPCA can make a cruelty charge stick.
It seems there is no limit to the nightmare people will visit on helpless creatures.

Wendy Scott

RIP dear Heart, may you not suffer anymore. Words can not express how mean people are to have starved her to that point.

Lori Paul

I honestly don't know how the staff at the spca can stand it...that job would take me down.


Heart... what a great name for her,I hope somehow she knows how many hearts she touched . I am glad she did not die alone, outside.

So Sorry for the staff at the SPCA.((HUG))


We never met you, Heart, but your story has touched all of us and we shed tears for your sad life. At least you knew love at the end.


Oh that's so sad, sweet dreams Heart, so sorry we didn't get to meet you.