Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2012

the first sorting of the office is done..i wouldn`t have ever done it if you hadn`t chased me down and cornered me! let me know when you are ready for round two....and don`t let me escape you cuz i know it has to be done.

i picked up oden from the spca...what a nice dog he is. he is so tattered and worn i did not realize he was mostly border collie..not husky like shane. he is at the vets already for his neuter first thing tomorrow. he is very thin, a good portion hairless and of course he still has his testicles so there is no doubt he has been living with irresponsible losers for most of his life....the balls always tell. oden is a hugger...he stands up and wraps his front legs around your waist, lays his head gently against you and hugs for all he is worth.

the 2 new FIV cats are in..they are only 11 months old.... brother and sister..their names are tonka and lizzie and they are very sweet baby cats. BIG thank you to the spca volunteer who took several hours out of his day to drive them thru rush hour traffic from vancouver to saints today!!!!!!

i did 2 tours and first interviews..both are very nice with lots of solid barn experience and coming back for trial shifts next week. i have 2 more to do tomorrow and then we will see.

we managed to squeeze in a quick staff meeting to sort a couple of things out.

tomorrow the vets are coming to see edith again because she is still not doing well. and tomorrow is kobe`s vet visit..his records were lost in transit so we need to repeat his cushings testing before we start him on meds.
i really have to get thru my pile of personal laundry has been a couple of weeks and i will not survive another work week if i don`t get it done.

so..i better get the hell off my butt!



Glad to hear Scrappy is still running things.
As for Mo, there is nothing more rewarding than sitting with them while they eat, and Marvin can eat. It feels good to know I leave him with a purr and a full stomach (and today he got a good brushing, getting rid of all the little mats on him).


Yea Scrappy..I had the feeling when we were talking last night that it wasn't Scrappy's time. So glad to hear that he wasn't ready to leave .

My old gal ( Smoo ) also takes freaking forever to eat now..I have resorted to pulling a "Tammy" & literally sitting there for half an hour or more to convince/remind her that what she is doing at the momment is eating. At her last vet visit she was up a bit in I am happy :-)


cant wait to get a big hug from oden, he will get lots of affection at saints and cant wait to meet holly. see you all of sat.


i can't help but smile, carol. it makes me think of my Remy. he was found on the side of the street, broken teeth, tail matted to his leg, AND YES, testicles, long n'old! at 10 years old! (guessed age, natch). he looked like a small bear with his matted cloud of wirey hair.
i remember finding them when i was bathing him, and being furious.
mum named him because she said he was like one of those little old frenchmen with a stub of a cigarette hanging from his grinning lips.
what a great dog he was. one of the best in the world. a perfect gentleman.


maybe raleigh would like a hugging brother?

man that scrappy is one freaking tough cat!


Ahh, Oden is a hugger like Raleigh.
I just wanted to let Mo know that Scrappy dappy do
is back to scrappy self. He perked up about 1/2 hour before his vet visit. The vets gave him some sub q fluids to get feeling better. He still hasn't peed much, hasn't had a bowel movement since this morning which is unusual for him and hasn't drank any water. When I came home from Raleigh's rally o classes, he gave me a nice swat across the hand so the attitude is back.


lol bridget...having them! stray unneutered old mixed breed in horrible long history all in a nutshell so to a past responsible home those nutshells would have been gone 10 or 12 years ago....and in any or all of the homes he has had since?...still no one bothered to neuter him.


the balls always tell? how's that? having them or the shape they're in?