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two days off...

Carol  ·  Feb. 2, 2012

they are going to be busy. i am starting the hiring process again, unfortunately, we will be losing ryan in a couple of weeks so i have been going thru the last set of resumes from december and seeing who might be a good saints fit. it will be a part time barn yard support position...mon-fri, 4 hours per day. i am starting the meet and greet/tour/interview process today...not my most favorite activity, oh freaking yay.

this is always a difficult and stressful thing for me..trying to find the right person for here. we absolutely need certain things...honesty, reliability, excellent and efficient work ethics, flexibility,.... we need dedicated team players who can get along together and function well together in chaotic and ever changing situations, are able to follow direction and take responsibility, are patient, kind, respectful and understanding with all of our various animal's needs....and we need that whole package with pretty shitty wages. the whole hiring and staffing process, gives me a major headache.

oh is part of the job in rescue around here so i will try not to stress out while i get this done...but i do so want some long term staffing stability and predictability...then i don't worry so much when i am not around...i know the animals are safe and well cared for by people who know and care about and for them well.
choosing caregivers for the saints animals is no different then choosing child care because as the animals primary responsibility for their happiness and well being includes the times when i am not physically here....soooo...wish me luck in this.

i am so glad i took dixie her apple on monday cuz i won't get out there to see her again until late next week.

oh and i missed two petfinder challenge voting days...sorry..i suck.



closer to 3 ann if that is ok cuz i have to pick up that dog from clilliwack at 2 and drop off at the vets on the way back.

Ann C

Hey Carol just confirming I will be there between 2 and 3 today, does that still work for you?