Rescue Journal

i saw janice today..she is resting comfortably and should be home by the end of the week.

Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2012

all went well with her surgery so that is good news!

leave it to the 15 pound parapalegic mongolian monster to be snarling in 160 pound benny's ear while he is laying in front of the food bowl that chance thinks is exclusively his....

do you know why there is so much stupidity in the world?

cuz for some reason stupid gets away with a lot of shit! if utterly stupid got creamed like it richly deserves, all of the stupid would eventually disappear. but no...we give above and beyond breaks to stupid so.... i guess chance will continue to live.

it occurs to me that esther is losing weight because she is nervous around the combo of odie and food bowls (esther is not anywhere even close to stupid!) i was watching her tonight.
i watched her quietly slip over behind me to the bowls all the time watching odie play with his ball. when he got too close she slipped back around and went to her bed to lay down. so i got her a food and water bowl and put them on her bed which she started to eat, til odie came near again, then she politely turned her head to the wall away from the food. her politeness is lost on odie cuz he is totally blind...she waited til he moved again (cuz he was interested in playing and not eating)... to finish her snack.

now esther losing weight is not a bad thing cuz she was a little bit too fat. but i don't want her losing weight cuz she is afraid to eat so i am going to have to do something about that.

sigh..that cute and blind little bossy husky, is a total pain in the ass.