SAINTS Amazing Raise Pub Night

Carol  ·  Feb. 7, 2012

Its that time of year again ... the SAINTS March Pub Night. The past two years have focused on us tormenting Carol. In 2009 there was the Save Carol's Hair Pub Night and Last year there was the Adopt Phoebe Pub Night where we worked to raising $10K to have Carol adopt the red whirling devil.

This year it is about the SAINTS volunteers in the AMAZING RAISE!


He he. That's right, the SAINTS AMAZING RAISE! Help support senior animals in need. Collecting pledges (tax reciepts given for donations over $25). Pub Night March 24th at Golden Ears Pub in Pitt Meadows. I hope you can attend and/or make pledge (details below) .

We are creating three volunteer/animal area teams: (1) House (2) Barn (3) Multi-purpose building. Volunteers will be competing to raise as much money in donation pledges as they can until March 24th for their respective team. The winning team will be announced at the Pub Night and gets to decide what the volunteers from the losing team have to do for them ... could be they have to make them lunch, or wash their shoes, or worse! Blog readers and SAINTS supporters can and are certainly encourage to contribute to one of the team's (perhaps the area their favorite saint or volunteer resides). You can make a pledge through Pay Pal (just note what team it is for: house, barn, multi-purpose area) or make a donation by dropping it off to SAINTS or mailing a cheque to Sheila Kullar (just email for an address). Only donations of $25.00 or more will recieve a tax reciept. I also encourage people to make suggestions for what the losing volunteer team should have to do.

Warning to volunteers: Carol is threatening that if the volunteers do not raise $10K then each volunteer has to take a turn being Carol for a day ... (i.e. at 24hrs at SAINTS). She has kindly offered up her spot with the bed buddies and will re-located to the ensuite.

Ready, set, RAISE!

The Pub Night is Saturday, March 24, 2012 at the Golden Ears Pub in Pitt Meadows and the fun starts at 6pm. There will be a silent auction, 50/50 draws, presentations, and room full of animal lovers. We are also looking for silent auction items and to sell tickets for the Pub Night. Tickets are $10 each and include a free drink (all proceed directly to SAINTS). To make a donation or purchase tickets please contact Sheila Kullar (email: You can also drop donations off to and purchase tickets at SAINTS or purchase tickets through Pay Pal and we will mail them to you (just note that it is for a pub night ticket).

Facebook Event Page:



Regarding items for auction...

Handmade Hiking Sticks?

Let me know...:)


Hi guys!

Don't know if you remember me but I work at Anipet and dropped some stuff off awhile back. I read about your fundraiser and would like to help out. I have mentioned it to my boss and he is "thumbs up"! I just need a little information from you.

What kind of items are you looking for, for the auction? A cat house post maybe??? Toys, clothes, food?? I mentioned it to them today and they want to get it done tomorrow if possible. I know this is a lot to ask so quickly but I'm hoping I will hear back from you soon by email. ( please don't be offended by my email started off as a joke and then stuck. I have had it for over a decade lol )

I printed off the Amazing Raise 2012 info and now I just need some ideas of what would help you. I am also hoping to make it for the night of the event. I've been meaning to drop by again with goodies...I will do that soon!

Happy Valentines Day to you and all the Fur&Feathered Babies!!!


Liana I will have some printed color posters available at SAINTS on saturday. If you are able to pop by an grab one (come by any time between 10 and 12). Or I can email the poster to you to print. Just pop me an email if you would like me to email a poster and/or a pledge sheet. Thank you everyone for your support!


I know it sounds like March is a long way off, but I was wondering when we(local merchants) can expect posters?


Yes, the poster is great - but how come there are no bunnies shown??? The bunnies don't get enough face time!!!


yes carol let us know please about janice. and coming on fri with you if possible to see what is going on. did not maggie want to come too thanks let us know.


Sound like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, (for u guys, not me), I'll be away for 3 weeks in Asia, basking in the sun on the beach.
Sorry to miss it this year.


oh...and the mp building team is the smallest so i am joining that team to keep things fair ( i will help you guys not have to be me!!!)


i love that poster! and i love the thought of maybe 20 or 30 days lounging away in the suite while you guys get to be me..odie is calling to you! hah..good luck..may the best (wo)man (thought you got off scott free, making me adopt phoebe huh?)

Kelly B

Hi Carol and SAINTS gang-

I've tried emailing you but got no response. Would it be appropriate to donate a piece of jewelry to you for the silent auction? I make silver jewelry, and would love to help out. I just started selling it last year, and would like to help out one or two animal rescues either in percentage of sales or with donations for fundraising.

If you want to contact me you can do so via email at

-Kelly (I board at Rick's, where Dixie currently lives)


Yes that is possible. We did do pledges for the last two pub nights
So will be doing them again. I just had anyone who wanted to print off a hard copy email and I emailed them a copy. You can use the email above to request the pledge sheet.


I have a question or two regarding the pledges. Other events I have been involved with have generated a pledge sheet (a hard copy)explaing what the event is, and leaving room for people to add there name and pledge amount. I bring this up because I don't have time at work (friends and family are a different story) to see each co-worker individual and seperately explain the pub night and what S.A.I.N.T.S. is about. This would be something to put on the notice board at work, people could read on their own and I could collect monies later. Just saying, this would help. Is this possible?