Rescue Journal

i am so not in a good mood

Carol  ·  Feb. 9, 2012

today was shopping/ took several hours between pharmacies, vet clinics, stupid store (cheapest place to buy large case quantities of canned cat and dog food) and feed stores..that took up several hours of running around to and fro. anyway..i hate shopping days on the best of days and i hate it even more when i forget to take my ibuprofen in the morning!

janice is home..i picked her up this morning and delivered her back home. i was supposed to go back this afternoon but A. i don't feel great and B. i have a broken water pipe down in the crawl space shooting water everywhere. so apparently being fair weather friend only..i ditched her tonight...roxanne is there to feed the pigs so no one will starve.

i called the plumbers..they can't come til tomorrow so i called my ex and he told me how to shut all of the water down. and now i have no water til the plumbers come tomorrow and that freaking, FREAKING well sucks.
and i just found out that at the meeting i didn't go into work for today..left me as the obvious absentee choice to boot off one team and on to another to even the new teams out a bit more. i am pretty easy going about where i work and usually i wouldn't care except i am not in a great mood today so it bugs me. i could just say no and pull seniority..sigh..but i am not in that big of a bad whatever.

i think i need to take tomorrow off around here if i can..otherwise i might hurt someone accidently if they piss me off...i so want a really nice and peaceful hot bath.



Carol drive down the hill and you can have my hot tub all to yourself I am watching hockey, it will help your mood and your back:)