Rescue Journal

i took a good part of the day off...

Carol  ·  Feb. 10, 2012

i picked up the timesheets from the accountant, did payroll, met the vet over caroline..(will try upping her pain meds and see how she is in a week...) janette helped the vet with czar's sheath cleaning and i went and talked to the plumbers who did their thing and now we have water! but i did manage to sneak up to the suite and watch a movie, then tammy took me out for a late lunch. i stayed away from the cell phone and just now gave chance a nice, warm, sudsy, relaxing bath....cuz he was in an absolute rage with odie. AND.... my work clothes are in the washer in prep for my upcoming work week. all in all not too bad of a day...except i didn't make it out to see dixie. i think i am off again on wednsday so maybe i can see her then.

everyone has gone home for the day now..oden is quietly and gently playing with a ball at my feet..and odie the asshole jumps him cuz he thinks all balls are his.
freaking blind, pain in the ass husky who thinks the entire world revolves around him!
sigh..why the heck does someone not adopt him??!!

i should have gotten tonka and lizzie in for testing so i can move them out of the medical room pen. i will try to get to it my next days off cuz i really do want to move them...they are too young and active to live too long in a pen.

what i did really miss today was frodo with me up in the suite..tammy brought me a painting of frodo and i hung it above his chaise lounge..but i do really miss the real live frodo keeping me company on my recoup time..he always refilled my empty cup.

oh well dick-head is now sleeping in the computer room with the freaking ball tucked between his paws...oden is in the kitchen with his very own ball on his very own bed. and i am going to have a nice hot bath before i put the mp building to bed.



carol, did you go see janice this afternoon. i thought you posted you were going to see her at 4or 5.


yay..i am getting low on both of them and was telling myself to not forget! i will be home for lunch tomorrow..just stick them up on the med shelf above the stove..thx caylee!!!


I am bringing in meds for Fergus and Lucky tomorrow. If I don't see you I will try to find the most appropriate places to put them. Hope you are feeling better soon. Life just sucks sometimes, doesn't it?