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Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2012

there are 2 new seniors coming in tomorrow... they are coming from the same shelter that Heart was at so i guess she gave over her spot to them. they are a bonded brother and sister set of golden oldies who need to stay together. i am unclear as to their actual history..something about something happening and the family stepping in and doing their best and finding homes for all of the animals but unable to re-home these two...probably because they are old and need to stay together....most folks do not want one big old dog...let alone two.
anyway..i met nova today...very sweet, wiggle butt girl..i didn't get a chance to meet legend cuz he was off at the vets getting a tumor removed. i will pick them both up tomorrow and help them to settle in. thank goodness i have three days off ..perfect timing for settling two new dogs...and i can already tell that nova is going to love goofing around on the farm.

i think we have finally hit the bottom line on sorting out the recent staffing changes...janice is off for another 5 weeks at least so saints welcomes janette who will take over for her until her return to work. when janice comes back janette will slip into ryan's place. ryan's last day is friday the then janette will be full up and running and good to go on her own. i have also hired christina cuz today we lost ernie, (our 4 hour support person) so he will eventually need to be replaced. but due to shortage of funds right now..that will have to wait for a bit so christina will be on call to cover critical staffing (ie sick calls) for a few weeks.

anyway..i am very pleased to welcome both janette and christina to the saints family of staff caregivers and i wish janice a speedy recovery and the best of luck to ryan and ernie in their future endeavors.
the rescue world keeps going round and round but i am glad to be done with trying to figure out staffing replacements and workload levels for now...honestly it just makes me dizzy...figuring out the animal stuff is way easier!


Bunny Horne

Morning, Carol, FYI Brent's on work share the 24th and I have a vacation day. We are booking Friday, March 24th as the day to be on site to prep and photograph Frodo's trailer so we can list it for you.