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the process with problems

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2012

i got a call yesterday...(sigh...CARES is giving out my private cell phone number again.) anyway....12 or 14 yr old cat (i can't actually remember which)..has always been extremely shy but was bonded with another cat who passed away a few months ago. now this anxious cat is peeing/pooping in the house and hissing and growling at the kids. this cat apparently pretty much lives under the parents bed but when she is out she is a problem.

i suspect many years ago these folks got themselves a feral kitten and did not know what that meant. in any case 12 or 14 years later, they still have a cat who feels usafe and the world is a threat...and that cat just lost her only friend.

their assumption is these problems she is now displaying are behavioral since they started with their other cats death...and maybe they are correct. but that cat has not been to the vet and needs a good exam and bloodwork to rule out underlying illness first...that is always the very first step.

then i asked...where is her cat box? is downstairs in a three level house. so every time this stressed out anxious cat has to relieve herself, she has to travel a great distance when she is nervous and afraid. i asked if a cat box couldn't be placed closer to where she hangs out and i am told no because of how the house is laid out. well...a cat box only takes up couple of feet of space so i know it can come closer to her..and i also now know that her family need the cat box to be i suggest getting an open shallow tray and putting it under the bed with the cat.

so here is how we left it..this cat is to go into the vet for a full check up..her litter box, food and water bowls are to go under the bed with her, the door to the parents bedroom is to be kept closed and the kids are to stay out of there.
now this cat's physical and emotional needs are respectfully and realistically being met..if in a couple of weeks she is still pooping and peeing inappropriately, they can call me back.

i truly hope she settles and feels safe in her world again.



I've got a litter box in every room except the kitchen and bathroom. Plus one in the garage and one on the kenneled-in deck area. That way each cat can find a comfortable place for them. Some cats are very private and will vacate the box if disturbed. Some, like Moochie, climb right in and do their thing while you're in the middle of scooping.


I live with a few inappropriate pee and poopers. I don't like it but I do what I can to try and help them. If it means a litterbox in my bedroom then so be it. I expect it in a multicat household.

Bunny Horne

Doreen, your story brings tears to my eyes. How lucky your dog is to have such thoughtful owners as you and your husband. Your story warms the heart.


All pets are traumitized when there friends pass away. when our older daschund passed away at 18hrs old, my husband took him home from the vets and buried him in our backyard after building him a little coffin. we put him his favourite blanket and his favourit rubber hotdog and buried him. Our other daschund watched us and new what was going on. For the next two weeks she was gaurding the gravesite. Every time she went outside she ran to the site and barked very loud to let everyone know that she was there to protect him. Even in the rain and she never went out into the rain!!It was so sad to watch. She missed him terribly. We then got her a new companion asap so that she was not home alone when we went out. All animals have feelings and emotions and grieve in their own way. Humans need to realize that animals have beating hearts just like ours and have love in their hearts just like ours.


They emailed yesterday as well, I sent the email on to Nicole.

I hope it turns out ok for this cat.



no because of how the house is laid out (re: litter box

Thats rediculous

Bunny Horne

This makes me sick. I do whatever it takes to make my silly kitty comfortable. She's still wearing a cone-head and yes, I even put her food on my bed if it will make her comfortable. Yes, I get up in the middle of the night and step on kitty litter because she is a litter pan slob.
Isn't a slightly inconvenient litter box where you can monitor your cat and where they can feel comfortable better than pee and poop everywhere? This cat lost its best friend in the world and this is the compassion and empathy it gets from its owners.


Aww, poor cat! Exactly what I was thinking, Penny.
I hope they smarten up and keep the litter box close by the cat or move the cat closer to the box.
Sure hope it works out, but yes a vet appointment is first required .


It amazes me how people often can't see the obvious in pet care. If a pet is stressed and upset, put them somewhere quiet where they feel safe, with the things they need (i.e. litter box, food) close by. Hopefully this works out for these people and their kittie.