Rescue Journal

i came home from work last night...

Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2012

did the meds/insulins/bedtime settling and went to bed...the dogs were like woo lady, whatthehellareyadoin?!

sorry cuddling for you!


looks like caroline is feeling bit better with the med increase. is it good enough? not sure yet but we are watching her carefully.

oden is putting on weight, not so itchy and his diarrhea is getting better so those are all good things.

the ferrier was here yesterday and did the horses and goats feet. she was out to do dixie the other day and said she is doing really good too.

i saw janice yesterday..she is doing well but is getting bored with laying around on the couch..oh well, she has a few more weeks of that left and i am sure her body after working so hard for many years appreciates the enforced rest.

on the whole... saints world is klunking along in our usual kerthunking doesn't always go smoothly and rescue is frought with the usual potholes but together we make it safely to the end of each day.

so the last thing i want to talk about is what team work really doesn't mean just a bunch of bodies running around and doing the exact same thing. team work means that each person brings to our animals, something unique...we value our differences as much as our similarities and we take everything that everyone has to offer and respectfully blend it together to help meet our animals needs.

we are like the animals..we have our strengths and we each have our limitations. but when humans commit to working together to meet the animals needs as a cohesive team..we balance each other out..we all bring something great to the table and the animals appreciate this.

you absolutey cannot be a lone ranger in have to find away to work well with all kinds of different people. the rescues that are sustainable and able to move forward into the future, care for each other as well as they do the animals. how the hell can you win the war if you have shot down all of the troops?

we don't have to be in love with each other, but we can like and respect one another while we work together to get the job done. none of us are perfect but if we give it our best and appreciate the efforts of others trying to do their best..that makes a team of caregivers not fighting together but working togther to give the animals the best that they can.



deanna called me yesterday to tell me evelyn was quite ill, i am so sorry to hear of her passing. evelyn was an incredibly strong animal loving lady who cared well for ben and little mister, both really difficult dogs in their own unique ways..thank you lynne for being such a good friend to her.


just wanted to let you know carol, that evelyn passed away at mission extended care this morning. for those of you who would like to know, evelyn fostered ben our little troublemaker dog w hom evelyn loved deeply and also little mister, the dog in the rabbit room who was a breeder dog. they both had great lives with her and she became a friend of mine when i used to walk ben for her. my daughter and i were with her when she passed, and damn it carol, she made me the executrix. oh, by the way deanna is not feeling too great. lol inside joke people.