Rescue Journal

so..the new dogs are here

Carol  ·  Feb. 15, 2012

both nova and legend are sweet dogs....but....

they have created an interesting situation.

i don't crate and rotate..never have..said i never will.

but apparently i must now do something similar because of these two new dogs...

bed and shed.

it works like this..the bed only holds so many dogs and myself...benny has now decided he wants to be a bed buddy and so has oden this afternoon. i also started nova and legend out in my room..and yes they too have discovered the joy of taking over the very soft bed.

so now there are too many wanting in and up on there so we are having to take turns...oden, june and benny have had two turns on the bed so far then i peel them off and send them back to the other side of the house. nova and legend can have the bed til the other three come back in..then nova and legend get sent to the beds on the floor until i move oden and benny and june off and out again. totally sucks. i feel like i need a whistle and a stop clock so everyone gets their fair turn.

next life ....either a far bigger bedroom with TWO kingsized beds..or a helluvalot less freaking bed buddy dogs instead!



lol...i was thinking more along the lines of kicking them all out of my bedroom and making them somehow understand that in the real world...homeless dogs don't actually get to sleep on kingsized soft beds!

but i still really like the coffin in my bedroom is only room for the lid goes down every morning when i get up so no one can sneak in for a nap during the day.


Why don't you give the dogs the king size bed and put a narrow cot in the room for yourself? You may discover the comfort of the bed means more than a Carol cuddle. Just saying!


Ya that is how we roll at my house. I left my mattress in the heavy duty plastic in came in(good protection) and just put it right on the floor. My dogs love the easy access and if they push me out I dont have far to fall.


Maybe you are too young but back in the far distant past,(hippie daze) mattresses on the floor were common.
You could go wall to wall. lol


when do you sleep should have a video camera especially when benny is ih there .