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Carol  ·  Feb. 16, 2012

sigh..i got up early cuz i don't want to screw myself up in the waking early dept since i am back on early shifts this weekend. thinking ahead sucks.

erin...can you please call me..i need to talk to you about bear and i keep forgetting to call you except at weird, not great to be calling someone times of the night and day? the board members...we need to get together to discuss a couple of things so can everyone send me their availability please?

holly has her vet check today...tomorrow is chief, tonka and lizzie.

and mj is away so i need to send out the recent tax receipts so i better do that today...i am starting to feel snowballed by the picky paperwork shit in is because we have to start pulling together the end of the year accounting things...this part of rescue always drives me freaking insane.

there are many things currently driving me nutz...too many animals, not enough funds, too many human issues, too many bills accumulating again...too much paperwork that i have too little time (and inclination) to do....and the shop is still a freaking mess.

honestly, life would be so much easier for me if i was just dead.

oh well i suppose i will get there eventually but sadly not yet.

i am one of those people that when i do checkout....everyone can honestly say...she is in a better place. cuz i don't give a shit if there is a rainbow bridge or not..perpetual nothingness and undisturbed eternal sleep sound pretty good too. hopefully i can pass if reincarnation is an option cuz i really do not want to do this again!
can you imagine if god made me come back to learn to do rescue better? holy shit that would totally suck...AGAIN! maybe there will be even MORE paperwork in rescue's future...omg, please don't make me come back!!!!

now that i am done freaking myself out even more first thing this morning..i guess i better get dressed and do some paperwork so i don't have to come back in my next life and do it all over again.



Carol, maybe you will be reincarnated as a dog (high honours in Buddhism) then you can be looked after by an incredibly caring person like yourself.....all the pizza and peanut butter cookies you can eat, a big fluffy bed to lounge around on, plus all your worries taken care of. Now that would be Karma.


I could make it out in the evening ( after 6 ) and for the next 2 Saturdays I could make it out there for 3 or later, Sundays after Barn duties.

If we do an evening meeting.. I'd prefer it not be on a Wednesday ( I am a Survivor Fan Lol )

Ann C

Carol I have just about finished getting all the paperwork from the office in order, I will be bringing it all back no later than this weekend. You can then let me know exactly what the accountant needs and I'll put it together for you. Moving forward once the files are all back in place the paper work life will be easier for you because I'll take care of it as it comes in. There is light at the end of this tunnel LOL


I'm free in the evenings and most weekends. It mostly depends on whether I can get a ride out there. :)


Paperwork sucks and it sounds like you need a Bailey's right now!

Truth be told you most likely would come back and do it all over again.

Hang in there!

Lori Paul

Nothing like a little existential crisis to start the day off right! I recommend some pig time for you your big beauties enjoy their fabulous life then say to yourself "I did that" and give yourself a great huge inner hug from the universe. You deserve it! (And you are much-loved, if that helps at all).

Bunny Horne

Carol, think about what kind of paperwork you can comfortably entrust to me going forward on a regular basis and I can get it done. I'm super proactive, accurate etc and apparently paperwork is my life - yay for me. Maybe there isn't anything, but maybe there is. Just a thought.


As long as its an evening meeting say after 530pm, I will work it into my schedule. Weekends are never a problem.