Rescue Journal

ok folks..time to help out the pub night organizers..

Carol  ·  Feb. 17, 2012

cuz they are freaking out. there are only two tickets to the event currently sold and no pledge money is coming in yet thru paypal.

here is the bleak two weeks we are totally out of cash..the bank accounts will be empty, there won't be anything left. it happenes every year at this time..the big influx of donations from xmas get used up paying past in the red bills and keeping us going in the black for a few weeks. and then it ends, we are scrambling again to make ends meet.
the march fundraiser is supposed to help pay off the bills incurred in the early new year and see us forward until the open house in is never actually enough but it always helps us to squeak thru by juggling for another few months.

unless the event is a bust..then we are royally screwed...if we can't meet basic expenses like food for the animals, wages to care for them all during the working week and vet bills when they are sick...then we can't do rescue.
so.. i am asking for some help on this....
folks can canvass friends and family to save their change...have mini bake sales at work or a 50/50 readers can be part of this too.

i am telling you that 5 or 10 or 20 bucks coming in from many different sources can add up to enough money to see us thru for awhile.

it literally takes an army to rescue.
thank you..begging blog done.



Please put 6 tickets aside for me and I'm calling everyone I know hitting them up for pledges. I will be out to saints on Sunday to pay for the tickets.


sheila! cut that out! you are supposed to be fundraising, not donating the funds!!!


hey caylee...there are posters and pledge sheets on the desk in the mp building..thx so much!


Also - to start the online blog readers donating - I am donating $100 through payPa, towards the mp room.


You can bring checks and money on the night of the event or on the weekends and I will come out every Sunday to pick up whatever is there. If you leave it on the envelope that says pub night I will know it is for me. I will also deposit on the following Monday and send out tax receipts before the end of March.



Would we be able to get some tickets to sell at the clinic? and if anyone has a spare pledge form they could print out for me, that would be great. My printer is not working.


I received a $100 cheque yesterday from one of my friends for the Amazing Raise Pledge Drive. Should I bring in it on Sunday? I have other pledge sheets "out there" but not sure how we're doing. But this cheque is a good start for Team Multi-Purpose Building!!!!!


To the Saturday morning crew....I have been hit by some miserable malady. Hopefully I will be OK after a long sleep and will see you tomorrow. If not, please excuse me.