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an apple for my thoughts....

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2012

we are going thru A LOT of apples (no ones is what it is) ..KO brought that big box in on saturday morning and there aren't even enough left to get thru to monday's bedtime. i know this because i figured out how many apples we need a day...i had to so i always knew when i needed to buy more to get us thru the week...there are currently 19 apples left in the box....and that is not near enough.

anyway...if you are interested..we go thru about 28 apples a day...gideon gets 2 for breakfast, lunch and supper..thats 6...czar and flicka get one each breakfast and dinner so that is another 4 which equals 10..the sheep share one cut up in tiny peices at breakfast and supper so that's now 12...ellie gets 2 for breakfast and 2 more at supper so now we have hit 16 (we can't ever short her cuz ellie can count!) ziggy gets two small apples each day split between breaky and dinner...wilbur, charlotte and wills and brad get one each with each that is another we hit 26..the cows, goats and carl don't usually get any (at least not from me) cuz they mostly eat around them and then i allow an extra 2-4 cut up in peices to share during the day if someone(s) needs a treat..that takes us to a grand total of 28 minimum....all total, give or take..about 200 apples a week...big freaking ouch!

i finally figured out that you have to count your pennies in rescue..but holy shit man..i never thought i would have to count freaking fruit too!

KO brings in the big box on the weekends (thank you KO!) and i hit the grocery store during the week and buy a bunch of bags when we get low...but if anyone ever wants to bring the barn guys a treat? please feel free to bring apples!!!!!

my happy image today?...papa john busily digging a hole under my peach tree. he used to be cream colored when he first came in, but now that he is healthier, he has turned a really pretty golden color instead. he is not really growing any hair back on his bald patches...but this hair has come in beautifully silky and smooth on other less damaged areas. i think papa john is becoming quite handsome!

the really great news today is...

legend and nova were adopted together into a fabulous home. i REALLY liked these folks. their last dog passed away at 18 yrs old...legend and nova are going to be spoiled and they are going to have a lot of fun and i am so very happy for both of them..they really are super nice dogs!

odie is feeling like his old self (yesterday cuz he was sick, i had no problem checking his blood sugar levels..once i actually got blood return that is..he let me poke him several times before he would bleed) but today since he felt better it was a totally different story.
poor caylee generously stopped by on her way to snowshoeing to check his bloodsugars and give him his insulin. the little dick head exploded with the first blood sugar check poke..he bit her in the hand, almost bit her face and destroyed the laundry room area in his total flail about freakout. needless to blood sugar check or insulin happened this morning. and i am just going to guess and poke the little bastard tonight with a reduced dose of insulin and the vets can figure out his new dose tomorrow when they do his curve...i will warn them to muzzle the little hysterical bugger first!
i am glad tho that you are feeling better odie..this is the little big freaking baby dog i know (and for some weird reason)... love.



Carol, tomorrow is fine for a call.
The trouble with fruit trees in this area is the bears are attracted to them. The commercial growers put huge metal fences around the growing field.


you can get 3-4 foot trees for $5.00 each from Arbor society in US. It would take a couple of years for them to bear fruit but at least you could look forward to zeroing that out of your budget for a couple of months a year.


Any kind of apple -or are there preferences? I'll keep my eyes open. I had no idea you went thru so many per day.


My grandma was saying theres a Co-Op store now open in Abbotsford.She said the apples are VERY CHEAP.


any apple donations can go on the table by the washer in the shop and the staff will take them down to the barn.

i will call you tomorrow if that is cell is dead (again) and recharging.


Marvelous news about Nova and Legend. And thanks Bunny - those are truly happy stories!

Bunny Horne

My happy story for today is....I had just finished adding some additional fresh bedding (from the canopy tent next to the shop) to Brad Pitt's bed. He had pulled a lot of his bedding out into the rain. I climbed out of his stall and stood up. Brad had been playing with my plastic rake. He picked it up and carried it about two feet in his chompers and dropped it right at my feet. Clearly I wasn't finished cleaning his pen to his satisfaction. And Brent was giving Ellie a massage. She was really enjoying it and decided she wanted to roll... Brent almost had a stroke as she started to roll on top of him, he's 140lbs, Ellie is not. Oh, that's two happy stories.


Carol, where should we stash the apples?
Please phone me re grant info