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so..i am thinking...

Carol  ·  Feb. 21, 2012

the real reason i like doing my own kind of rescue instead of hitching up with someone else is...i can pretty much do what i think is right. i don't have to follow someone elses rules, policies and procedures..i don't have to be stuck in some kind of pre-formed box that sometimes by its very existence gets in the way of helping animals.

so today i get a call and the message says...can you call me back about getting another pet?
and i have that sinking feeling..this doesn't sound good..who is exactly getting a new pet..the caller or me?

apparently it was me.
anyway..i did go thru the process and asked all of the proper questions cuz i needed the full, unadulterated story on why "i" might "want" another "pet."

so here it is in a nutshell...

a senior couple on a very limited income have just lost their home. the bank sold it. they have to move by the middle of march and they happen to have an 8 and a half yr old husky who is blind and diabetic. they can't find a rental that will allow them to bring the dog unless they pay a whopping extra pet damage deposit of between 600-800 bucks...they can barely meet the rents out there with their combined pensions and certainly do not have that kind of extra dough after just losing their home. they have had the dog since she was a pup and i am told she is their they are looking for a kind and safe place for their blind and diabetic senior large husky to go.
yeah ok...good luck with that.
so i am thinking..why the hell should they have to lose an old wrecked dog that they happen to love? and why the hell should their blind old wrecked princess have to lose her home where she is loved?
lets just break three hearts over 6 or 8 hundred lousy bucks?

so i am thinking..i don't see why i can't pass the proverbial hat around and see if anyone is willing and able to help keep this family together..i can't use saints existing donated funds because this is a bit out of our mandate and i don't have donors specific permission for this.

but i can ask if anyone would like to help me start a specific help this dog and family fund to keep them together.

anyway..don't anyone send any money yet..i am still thinking about this....and we have to ascertain some pretty specific things is this dog in a really good home that has just fallen on some really hard times?

i just wondered what other folks thought? to me it seems a practical solution..but i sure as shit know that this is not something that rescues normally do.



keep us informed carol as to what is happening to this family. i can bring my money whenever.


I agree this may be a band-aide solution and that you can't make a habit of it but regardless this breaks my heart and I'm in for 100$


Ha, ha Carol... I should have chosen my words more wisely. And I don't believe you when you say you would donate to save me from more Olivers.


i never thought of actually paying people to keep their pets...OMG are brilliant!!!! no more phoebe's,jesse's, clyde's...ODIE'S!!!!

come on'd be my good friend and donate to save me from any more of those guys wouldn'tcha???

i'd donate to save you from any more olivers!


I think that there is a very real danger of setting a precedent for SAINTS paying people to keep their pets.
I believe it is why large organizations such as the spca does not pay for medical bills of animals unless they are relinquished to them and then adopted out to another guardian. You have to be very clear on your mandate and stick to them because veering off those mandates opens the door for others to come and ask you to do things that are outside your mandate. I know I am a big meany - but I wouldn't give money to SAINTS for this - however I would give money to an
organization where this kind of situation fits within that charities mandate. I know that I am obviously going against popular opinion here but as a person who donates monthly to 4 seperate organizations I think that the need must fit the charities mandate because then you are just asking to go down to many roads instead of staying on the straight and narrow and succeeding because you stay on the straight and narrow.
There are other organizations such as Paws for Hope and Semiahmoo Animal Legue that may be a better fit for helping this couple.


My computer has given up so I need to borrow the laptop to try and finally get some updates done.

Janice Gillett

We have paid the vet bills to alter pigs for families who contacted us.. it gives me piece of mind there pigs won't be bred and if they do end up needing to come here one day then i won't have to worry about vetting on top of placement. So , I am not above helping any way i can as long as it is to keep a loved family member in his or her home and thus keeping my numbers here as they are in doing so. The economy has effected so many families and no doubt shelters everywhere are filled with family pets forced there by bankruptcy and foreclosures. ;o(( I am all for helping this pooch too.

Bunny Horne

Did you see the news yesterday about senior abandoned (dumped) retriever - CLIFFORD?

Rocky River, OH, senior citizens help neglected, dumped dog...the seniors at The Harbor Court heard about a neglected, senior dog that was dumped in Avon Lake, they sprang into action and came up with a plan to help pay for the medical care for Clifford the dumped golden retriever.

They are selling paper paw prints for $1 and Clifford cookies for $1.

"Seniors still have a lot of life in them; they just need the right environment to thrive in. The residents at The Harbor Court are reaching out to help a fellow senior. The only difference is this particular senior gent happens to have four legs,"

Clifford a 10-year-old golden was found emaciated, covered in fleas, had two ear infections and his eyes were swollen shut from infection. Much of the hair on his back and tail were missing from poor nutrition and skin infection caused by the fleabites, and much of the visible skin was raw and oozing.

It was a heart warming story of seniors helping seniors.

Bunny Horne

Five years ago when I was seeking rental property in downtown Vancouver I was told $100 a month, per cat. I'm not kidding. Ultimately the property owner can ask what they want, if you don't agree to it they will just move on to the next application.


it is just nice that so many people care about a couple and their dog who no one knows. saints really does have a lot of great blog readers and so generous.


you are right ian...the pet deposit is a band aide solution in and of and i talked about problematic medical bills and foster possibility last night...because while i don't know all the ins/outs from just one phone call..i do know that finances are an issue...and caring for diabetics can be expensive.

as to the actual cost of the pet deposit itself...i know this from jenn who is renting and would like to eventually adopt a cat....the pet deposit at her building is currently almost $500 (half a months rent)..on top of the regular damage deposit so what they are telling me is in line with what is happening in the rental world.

anyway..i haven't even met them or the dog or even startd to discuss problem solving strategies...they may well not even find a place that they can afford on a monthly basis that wll even allow them to have a large dog at is not like they have time and money behind them to be picky, they need a roof over their own heads this may all be a moot point..but the discussion is interesting anyway!


If that is a problem then maybe SAINTS could take ownership and they could foster their own dog. That would also give them reassurance he will be taken care of if he outlives them.


This is a wonderful idea that sounds great...but what happens when the senior, diabetic dog needs expensive medical treatment down the road? Is the rent deposit help just a band-aid solution?


I will certainly send some money to help these people keep their beloved pet.


I'll help too. I checked on the residential tenacy agreement site and this is what it states:
How much is the deposit?
A landlord can require a deposit of up to one-half month’s current rent as a pet damage deposit, regardless of the type or number of pets. This amount is in addition to any security deposit that may also be required by a landlord.
So as long as its not more than the half month's rent, I guess it can be charged.


Whoops, sorry - what I meant to say was my friend lives in an apartment building that allows pets.


Not sure where this couple live, or what their income is, but I have a friend who rents an apartment building in Abbotsford (an adult, mostly senior building) and they allow pets (including large dogs) for a one-time pet deposit of $200. I rent a small pet-friendly house, and only paid $250 pet deposit. $600 - $800 seems like an awful lot - are they are being ripped off?


It's a wonderful idea!

Not only would it be so much better for both the owners and the dog, but cheaper for SAINTS.

How fast would you spend $800. on this dog at the vet, and still have to feed him every day?

Lori Paul

I was just talking to Carolyn Pinsent today and she has started a rescue here in Chwk which specializes in helping people in exactly the situation you're speaking of! Email me and I'll give you her number...I know she's a fan of yours because we talked about Saints today too!


you read my mind. as soon as i heard that they had to pay a bigger damage deposit i thought right away could we not help them. i am ready and willing to help and hopefully other people are too. what a shame if they have to give up their dog. count me in.