Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2012

i did get to see dixie yesterday...tammy took me for a drive in her new car...and dix got her apple...she looks good.

nicky was adopted yesterday...he has gone home with janette...yay nicky! yay janette!!
pete is not well again, the vet checked him out and took some blood to send off. i think this is like the third downswing pete has had in the past couple of months...i think his age is catching up on him. i hope the bloodwork gives us some clue as to what is going on.

czar is still having issues with a swollen sheath so this time the vet sent off a C&S...maybe he has an underlying yeast infection? anyway..he has some antifungal/antibacterial cream,he is to have daily hosing to the area and bute twice a day as an antinflammatory.

percy is being a bit of a dickhead with the smaller barn guys right now..he is pushing them around. the cows play and show affection to each other by using their giant heads but he is too big to do that to the little guys. the other day he was really bugging ellie and she got really mad and bit him in the ear and that made percy mad. luckily janette was able to intervene..but for now i want the cows to be seperate from the goats, pigs and sheep until he settles down again. percy seems to get a bit too rambuctious every spring.

i am thinking of creating a new cow only pasture down in the bottom field..the cows are wonderful and gentle creatures but quite frankly 2000 pounds of not very bright makes them a bit of a hazard at times.
anyway..this will cost a bit of "we don't have money" so for now we will just keep them away from the little guys by taking turns in the upper field.

chief is home from his dental...a couple of extractions and a convenia and depo injection for his sore gums. he is happy to be home. he will need mushed up soft canned food mixed with a bit of water for the next week or so while his mouth heals.

the kittens (lizzie and tonka) were moved into the communal mp cat room...yay! they are finally able to move around!!!

there are some eye and ear issues going on again in the bunny room..i am thinking that dehumidifier is not doing a good enough job. i am thinking we may need to abandon that area altogether and look at building a new bunny area over again somewhere else.

i think that is most of the recent news.



I've got a friend who deals with Natural Horsemanship and knows of some natural ways to help with Czars sore sheath.I will ask her!


I am so happy to hear about Niki, wonderful news for a very sweet little dog.

I also looked up yeast infections in geldings and yes, it does exist. In the 37 + years I have been around horses I have never heard of this. One article suggests feeding them yogurt.