Rescue Journal

yay! the power is back has been off since 2:30.

Carol  ·  Feb. 25, 2012

i put the barn guys to bed early so i didn't have to dink around in a black barn and then when jenn was shit..what do i do now? no power, no lights, no tv, no water pump, no laundry or hot bath...humbug...boring!

and then i remembered the portable dvd player i had for the trailer...the batteries were charged so yippee i could watch a movie!!!

anyway since the power is now back on..i guess i should do laundry...not so yippee.

pete and czar are both way better today.

i did up the bunnies and they all looked pretty good today too...they were all happy for the treat of a bit of fresh apple (thank you debra!) i do want to remind folks about the importance of washing hands in between handling rabbits (or anyone else) who have colds, or weepy eyes or whatever so we are not cross contaminating. most germs are spread by human hands so good handwashing in between handling animals is essential to keeping all of the animals healthy and well.

marvin is still not great and wasn't too interested in eating..i will try him again tonight and sit with him for a bit.

we lost that little classy chick..she was dead this morning when i went out to check. i should have moved her into the shop wouldn't have made any difference but i would have felt better. at least the other chickens were not picking on her, nor had they pecked on her after she died but it bugs me that i forgot about her yesterday when i knew she wasn't doing very well.

sometimes i so utterly suck big time.

johanna came out for a visit this afternoon and brought milo to see me. he was adopted pre-saints about 8 years ago and now he is a whooping 17!!! johanna thinks his end is getting nearer and she wanted us to get together before he passed from this earth. i am glad she brought him is so nice to see one of my former dogs so well loved. milo brought a very generous donation to help the other homeless ones and johanna brought me some chocolates and baileys (to keep me from going insane!). in the past johanna also adopted mighty mouse (also pre-saint) and pippa (past saint) and she has given all of them a wonderful home and i am so grateful to her for was a great visit and a great way to finish the day.

thank you to the barn folks for a great job out there in the cold and wet and slopping freaking snow...what heck was that???? and for having all of their dinners makes barn bedtime a snap! thx to the house folks for a great job inside feels so fresh and clean! and thx to the mp building folks as well..(today including me!) all of those guys look pretty darn comfortable and content. and thx to laura for the great tour and for bathing chance before he went home today. bye chance..i will miss you but everyone else will be glad that you have gone home! and thank you ann big time for still slogging away on the office shit and not actually killing me yet!!!!

anyway..that's all of the news from today.


Johanna Hickey

Thank you so much Carol for a wonderful visit to Saints this afternoon. I know how busy you are so we really appreciated that you had time to see us. Milo had a great day out. He was so happy to see you again and was really impressed with all the changes at Saints since he was there a couple of years ago. He'll never forget that day 8 years ago when you rescued him as an insecure and somewhat neglected dog and sent him on his way to a secure and happy life.

Thanks also for your kind remarks on the blog and a special thanks from Milo who is fast asleep in front of the fire.

PS If I had a vacancy, I'll take Mini Me in a minute. She is so sweet and so like my litte Pippa.


well i saw him and jelly have a happy visit, they must be friends, how friggin cute!


he had a blast out on the run...he was trying to hump june non stop but once he decided he was done at the barn..he decided it was time to go home now please.

if you are going to bring him erin, he says you are going to have to clean faster!!!

too funny.