Mission Garage Sale to benefit SAINTS on Saturday, March 17th

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2012



Wendy Scott

Helga, I would also like to help in donating some items for your garage sale. Please send me a list
as well.



Thanks Nancy.
We can always use more items but with current gas prices I can't afford to pick up outside the Mission area ( also I am a total driving wimp with some of the new road changes - ie. roundabouts). In Mission stuff can be dropped off at my house (address is on the poster). I'm only a block and a half up from Lougheed. My e-mail is in the comment above.


Do you need more donations of items?
If so, where can things be dropped off?
(we're in the White Rock area)


Cathy, if you give me an e-mail address (you can send it to: I'll send you a copy of my desirable items list. Erin,I was going to ask you if you could bring three tables over for me the week before the sale. Thanks, guys.


helga! you rock! need my assistance moving stuff (tables etc) let me know.