Rescue Journal

what a wonderful world...

Carol  ·  Feb. 26, 2012

of weird weather! sunny this morning then a freaking snowstorm at noon and back to a beautiful sunny midafternoon.

the competition is heating up in the amazing raise challenge..the house is heavily stacked with some pretty serious players. i pointed out today that i could soooo easily cheat...a couple of really nice cards with donations have come in personally addressed to me and i could just slip them to the mp building fundraising team. hah! i hope i made those cocky house guys worry!!!

anyway..if anyone wants to actually send a donation to the mp building team.... just write a quick note stating it is for the mp building to BURY the house folks team. the barn guys are being pretty quiet so i am not sure what they are up but you have to watch out for the silent stealth pilots cuz they can slip in under the wire without you even knowing.
anyway..i am learning that you gotta watch the saints volunteers..they seem all sweet and kind and helpful but really they are pretty damn tricky little competitive buggers...these guys are out to win!

fergus is not feeling well today..i decided to hold his phenobarb dose after june swooped in from behind and ate it...she is currently having a nice nap and fergus is lethargic enough today anyway without it.
i held griffin's insulin dose because he is not great today either..i am pretty sure his blood sugars are flying a bit low but i wasn't actually brave enough to poke him to find out cuz he is in a pretty foul, don't mess with me mood.
buddy is a bit sore this afternoon but then he was running around in the field again today and ed is just being a total dickhead so he got sent back to his room early. flicka is yet again freaking out over her beloved little ziggy...she went flying at gideon because he got too close to her imaginary little baby. if that horse was a human, she would need to be in obsssive motherhood therapy. i am starting to think she is a total fruitcake the way she smothers and protects that poor little guy.

weeeelllll..i guess it is time to be thinking about heading back out to the barn..but first a hot cup of tea cuz for some odd reason, i am freaking freezing!!!!



Lol.. the silent stealth barn folks are clamoring ( is that even a word ) to find creative ways to raise money for the beloved barn crew. We are not at all against the blog readers diving in to show support for the hooved animals at SAINTS.. so calling all barn lovin blog readers, please send in your donations ( Marked Tean Barn )any amount will help, $5, $10, if you live in Maple Ridge I will come take your empty pop, beer, wine bottles back for recycling & donate the $ to the barn crew.

Barn loving blog readers... I like that !!