Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2012

i had to cover up poor little holly with a soft fleece cuz her little teeth were chattering this morning. i forgot to turn on the furnace and close the computer room doggy door last night...geez, sorry holly (and everyone else...) i freaking well suck!

i won't see phebers this morning..there is no way that she will come out from under her blankets til the house is balmy and warm...hmmm..looks like i will have a quiet non red whirling wonder morning. i should have been looking for a phoebe home in an igloo...if she lived somewhere frozen, she would have always been good. she hates being cold so much, no one would ever have seen her.

i have to sedate andy before i leave for is his and squirts grooming day. yay cuz they are both one giant matted mess. they only get done once a year cuz they are both such freak outs about anything out of their ordinary world. that is what happens to puppy mill dogs...too long stuck in cages completely messes their minds up forever. we have had andy for 7 years and squirt for about 4 and they are not ever going to even come close to ever being even remotely normal little dogs. i wish i could sedate squirt today but i can't cuz it will lower his seizure threshhold so he is just going to have to suck up his fear for a few hours today.

man, i live with a few really freaking messed up dogs.

speaking of messed up..jerry is so funny. i was sitting on the corner of my bed last night waiting to turn the tv off when my show was done (so i did not fall asleep again and leave the remote control out for mystic to chew on...)...anyway..jerry was at my feet..mentally pleading with me to please go lay down. he refuses to go to bed until i do so he sat at my feet and suffered in silence. i felt sorry for him so i picked him up and held him til the show was done..he said that was better but...he really did want to go to bed please, he is getting tired..he is pretty old now. i can't remember how long ago he came in..i think it was about three years ago so that would make him 17 now i feel somewhat badly for not going to bed earlier like he wanted, i made that poor freaking little old fart wait. sorry jerry, that was just selfish and mean.

ooops...i lied...(it must be warming up in here)..phebes just woke up and wanted out of her den. she went straight up to her bed on the shelf and waited to be covered up again with a thick and warm fleece. i got a kiss good morning and thank you but brrhhh..her tongue is still pretty damn cold.

oh well, enough about ( a few of) the weirdos (i don't have time to get started on ed, jesse or odie this morning...)..i gotta get my chilly butt ready for work.



Was a volunteer going to pick up some horse/barn treats that are being donated to SAINTS?

I received a call & if whomever it was is not able to pick them up, let me know & I will arrange to have them picked up. These are great treats & our guys deserve great treats :-)