Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Feb. 27, 2012

some days i really do get how beautiful and precious life really is..the sad thing is i usually only see it when the end is closing in.

i need to remember this every moment of every is a gift and love is the box that holds it safe.

and moving on to saints stuff...andy and squirt and bruiser and ewok and fergus all went to the groomers today. and they all look so very lovely and much more comfortable. i almost pulled fergus because he hasn't been feeling well but he needed grooming so badly. i am glad i sent him in anyway..he looks quite perky and happy tonight...who wouldn't feel better being clean and trimmed and beautified??!!
i am dropping him off at the vets tomorrow on my way to work..i still want to check his phenobarb levels and get some bloodwork to see how he is. fergus is getting pretty old now too..he is 15 this year but he has been on and off his food lately, he is sleeping a lot more than usual and he is having periodic bouts of diarrhea so i think more is going on than just getting older.

griffin is back to his normal self..he perked up last night so i was able to resume his insulin... i just lowered it by one unit.

squirt and andy survived their temporary kidnapping from saints..squirt is a-ok..andy is still a bit traumatized but he will get over it once i go in to feed him tonight...andy really likes food, it wipes all of his scary thoughts away! i feel so much better now that they are done..i worry a lot about both of them when they are off site. they should be ok now until late fall.

i got home late because i stopped to see a palliative client on the way home so i better get moving and do the bedtime routines cuz i want a hot bath before The Voice comes on...i quite like that show.

thx laura and terry again for a job well done, you made some more of our saints feel great today!!

oh..and i really want to thank everyone who is voting for us in the petfinder challenge this time around..i see tonight we are still doing well. i must admit that i have forgotten a few too many times to put in my vote but i am so grateful that you guys are more reliable (and less forgetful) than me!



sure do hope bear feels better soon, i like going on the walks with you and your guys and i like having bear along for bambi. see you saturday and maybe for a walk after?


i hope bears feels better tomorrow erin...such a worry when any of these guys make a sudden not so great change.

thx deb your heart is in the right place but the rules are one person one vote per day, can't make up for the votes that i missed and we can be disqualified if folks vote more than once per day.


So glad to hear all the grooming went well - I was thinking about Squirt and Fergus today! Erin, I hope Bear comes around and starts eating again - it's such a worry when we don't know what's going on.


Yes, I huge thank you to our groomer Terry and the staff at Mission Vet where Terry works out of. They all treat our crew special just like they deserve. I have feeling today was a lot of work for her when I left after picking up the last 2 the girls said Terry started the day looking so bright eyed but when she left she was sweaty and tired....she puts so much care into grooming our Saints and making them feel good!


Carol, no worries, I do an extra vote for you every day. I do one from my laptop and one from my iPhone (it lets me)


You are very welcome, I get so much out of grooming these little guys. Andy and Squirt were certainly a challenge not sure who was more traumatized me or them. haha. Love little Fergus I gave him the English Cocker look today, much less hair to fuss with. He thought he was looking pretty adorable at the end. Ewok was so good, got a ton of hair off and was a real sweety to work with. Thanks to Laura for all the running back and forth!


bear isnt eating today either.i cut up some hotdogs for him for din, he ate them only when they were cut really small. ive now given him beef chunky soup but so far hes not touched it. ive checked his mouth too, looks fine. hes acting normal. maybe im just paranoid. but maybe not. will let you know how tommorrow goes. fuck me.