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bad dogs

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2012

fergus had his vet check...dave noted his heart murmur was significantly worse since his last check but his chest xray was good today and his heart size within normal limits. he has however lost 8 pounds in the past year..that shocked me. i knew he was going down but that is a 25% weight loss. dave said he couldn't really find any thing to explain it on obvious masses or tumors..he said it is like someone just let the air out of ferg and he has slowly deflated. the bloodwork will be back tomorrow so hopefully that will give a clue. i took in a stool spec, but this morning it was normal and firm..however tonight he once again exploded with diarrhea and i hadn't even fed him tonight yet so i honestly don't know what is up with him.

i held griffin's insulin again tonight..i will reduce it by one more unit tomorrow morning cuz i think he is still running low. i will try to get him in for a blood sugar check on my next days off.

and as for the bad dogs...

shane was intimidating june tonight for absolutely no reason so i gave him shit. jesse then had her pinned outside up against the fence, just standing there and staring at her and wouldn't let her come back in... so i gave him shit too. i brought her back out of my room to the computer room.

three seconds later odie jumped her while she was trying to eat. i lost it..i picked up a bucket of water and dumped the whole load on him and told him to get the hell out of my sight..this is my freaking house and i say any dog who wants to eat can and will eat in peace. odie slunk out to the kitchen and then quietly slunk back in here to lay his soggy ass at my feet. he may think he is mr. tough food boss guy but he is really just a big blind baby who hates getting wet...and i have buckets of water EVERYWHERE within reach.
june is sitting on the couch eating cuz i gave her the big bowl up there and NO ONE better bug her again when i am anywhere near. i do wish she wasn't so submissive..the bullies like making themselves feel tough by picking on the weak. hopefully one day she will have enough confidence that they will be much more respectful and polite around her.

and until then..if she won't set them back on their collective asses..i sure as heck will. tyra taught me how to protect my soccor ball..and i will not forget. june belongs solely to me and they better fully appreciate this or they will be pretty damn unhappy.

there are fair dog arguments cuz someone breaks a dog social rule or is stupid and impolite and then there is just plain and simple bullying for no real reason except that they can push someone around cuz the other dog is a coward.

honestly..they all know better..don't piss me off...a momentary thrill of powerfulness will give them a real wake up call..leave my freaking sweet and gentle and currently cowardly dog alone...if for no other reason than a good dose of respectful wariness of not to be pissed off me.

i am so royally choked at all three of them..they all felt it was in their best interests to quietly lay down on their beds and pretend to sleep...but with one eye open and carefully watching me.

who has the real power here you or me? suck it up and figure it out quickly... it is really me.

sigh.. know i sound mean..but you try living with this many freaking dickheaded dogs and keeping the peace..we mostly do have peace here because they know sometimes it is a very good idea to be a little bit afraid of me.


Barb H

Maybe they're just confused. It's anti-bullying day today, perhaps they missed the anti part.


That is why when I bring people through on tours everyone is in total awe of how well so many dogs living together can get along. I just quote you and say we do not have many rules here but the one big main one is...EVERYBODY GET ALONG!


maybe get him into the vets for check erin..weigh him while you are there and then you can pop him in over the next little bit to weigh and keep track of if his weight is going down. since he had cancer on the outside..he might have cancer somewhere on the inside as well.


bear ate some soup yesterday, no dog food tho. i bought him canned food, will try that today. he just doesnt eat as much as i would think a dog that size should, and maybe he only likes to eat once a day. who knows. lynne obviously bear likes to walk with bambi too, seein as how he bee-lined to you guys last weekend soon as he saw you!