Rescue Journal

the 8th and 9th wonders of the world

Carol  ·  Feb. 28, 2012

i wish you guys could see mystic and june goofing around on my bed and while for me it is irritating, annoying and quite often is also mostly beautifully joyful...those two love each other, they are the very best of best ever friends.

the problem is they also both love me a lot so they want to include me in their play as much as possible which means they want to be as close to me as they can be and for june that usually means somewhere crushingly on top.

june is like the joyful accumulation of all of my past and sadly missed family dogs..she has tyra's oafishness, love for swimming and toys...her freaking happy and deadly whacking feet, she has maudie's love for running and running and unending energiser bunniness, she has lexi's complete and total loyalty and great love for me, tally's joyful innocence AND droopy eyes and lips, cleo's physical incredible softness and cuddiliness and stanley's good natured cheerful playfulness...all wrapped up into one amazingly sweet, gentle giant.

and mystic...gosh that dog is somehow magical...everything about her is simply joyful, the bright shining light of pure unadulterated life and happiness..couch eating, remote chewing, wall gnawing and all...i am so in love with this mischievous monkey of angelic dog.

and the two of them together?.... one facing death in her past because of her terror and one facing death in her future because of messed up genetics.... yet now at this moment together embracing life with every ounce of their hearts?

that is what loving life is all about.

what waste of living to have a heart blighted by anger, a mind filled with regret, a spirit overflowing with resentment and dissatisfied unhappiness.

rescue has brought me many magical wonders...and in this past year it was mystic and friends forever...together...on my bed.



This really made me smile, and put a lump in my throat - beautifuly written, remembering Tyra, Maude, Cleo, Lexie and Tally Ho thru June and Mystic! Thanks for that start to my day! (I never knew Stanley, but sure remember the others).