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i should try getting mad at them more often...

Carol  ·  Feb. 29, 2012

everyone slept like a dream last night. benny was the only one who woke up and asked to go out around 2 am...everyone else just quietly stayed sleeping. best sleep i have had in a long time...nice treat.

it occurs to me that it might be helpful to do some simple, informal work shops about various rescue medical

how to effectively and efficiently use vet time..what they want and need to know and how to discuss optons without taking up and wasting a lot of their time.
or how do simple things that everyone thinks they know how to safely do..(but don't cuz no one really ever showed them...) how to properly put drops or cream in the eyes ( a few weeks ago i saw the tube being directly poked on to an not good.) or how to clean ears without using qtips which can damage and irritate sensitive ear canal tissues causing swelling, infection and pain...the rule is..nothing smaller than an elbow ever goes down deep into an ear...or which shampoos work for which skin problems, why and how to use them...AND the 4 prong approach to actually effectively dealing with chronic skin issues cuz so many folks do one or two steps and can't figure out why they never get anywhere.

nicole or caylee or ashley could show us how to do safe nail clipping (cuz i avoid doing this like the plague!)...or how to effeciently restrain...( i personally totally suck at restraint!)

we could talk about when to decide to call the vet and when to take a deep breath..wait a bit and see....or what things to think and talk about when looking at chronic pain control or end of life scenarios..or what some of the more common medicines are they work and why it is important to give them as ordered.

we could talk about tricks of the trade when dealing with incontinence, dementia, blindness, terminal illness and how to work thru the decision making process with end of life issues.

anyway..there are lots of things we could talk anyone actually interested in something like this???



I wish I lived closer as well...but if I knew far enough in advance I could maybe make it. Carol I have 3 full boxes of BIG dog Advantage multi and 1 full Med. dog Advantage multi. Is this somethng you would use at Saints, if so 'll mail it to you? Just let me know :) Rae


ok, and thx!!!..i will cherish the stuffed odie and GO TEAM BARN GO can have the REAL live odie... (cuz i am also a kind and generous person at heart :+)

Bunny Horne

Oh my heart is's the deal... Helga (Team MP Room) is holding a garage sale March 17th. I've decided that some of the items don't photograph well, but are worth a lot of money. I tried to photograph Brent in the dog winter coat but he bit me. I will bring the items with me on Sunday and turn them over to Helga for her event. All of the items are brand spanking new - and need to be seen to be appreciated. Team MP Room gets 75% of the sales, 25% goes to Team BARN. By the way one of the items is specifically for you Carol. It's a stuff Odie - you squeeze him and he howls forever - no kidding.
TEAM BARN has a big heart.


I'd be interested in signing up as well as there is always alot to learn from experiences vs what is *text* book type of stuff.

Also - if you are interested, I'd love to offer help to do a session for the rabbits and share our experiences on care, common problems, meds, when to see a vet and what to look for in a vet or what to ask when it comes to rabbits.


lol bunny..i could just say, yeah we want them... (i could sell them and put the proceeds to the mp room team)..but big sigh...go ahead and ebay them..the dogs here don't wear footwear or coats with freaking pant legs...go team barn go...(not really.)

Bunny Horne

Also got a Derrica snowsuit for a large dog. Polar fleece lined, long legs, velcro opening. Retail $60.00 - any Saint need it - Odie maybe - otherwise I will put it on eBay - proceeds to the Go BARN TEAM Go March Pub Night challenge.

Bunny Horne

Carol, today one of our buyers gave me a set (4) of nylon waterproof fleece lined dog boots. They have a sure grip traction pad on the foot. They are for a large dog. The retail is $49.99 (believe it or not). Are there any Saints that need a pair of stylish boots? If not I am going to try to sell it on eBay - proceeds to TEAM BARN. Go TEAM BARN Go.


Sounds like a great idea. I would pay for this course and it would be money for SAINTS. It would also help our furry friends suffer less if mom/dad knows what to do.


Yes I'm in on all counts.. but I hope that doesn't mean you can't be my first call when I think one of mine is in trouble.. LoL...cuz I know I will.


Great ideas here! Education and funds for Saints.

Let us know when and where.


I was thinking last week that Saints should do a nail clipping for peoples pets with the proceeds going to Saints, I would pay to do that


I'd love to attend, but live in Victoria with 3 dogs. one very old dog (16) with a number of issues, and one tripawd who is getting up there (10-12 yrs) who will eventually have issues - I am very interested, but like many others, wonder if there is some way this could be filmed - I would pay to get access to such a video!


YES!!! I'd pay for that, Carol!
I live too far away to attend in person, but I'd buy videos or a subscription to a youtube channel that hosted short video how-tos! What a great idea!


if you ran this as a "saturday" seminar then I'd pay to attend. That is good information for everyone to know!


I wish I lived closer because I would definitely be interested in many of those topics! My Precious will be 16 in May and suffers from chronic skin issues (possibly Staph related) and gets ear infections. She "looses" me even when I am in the same room, does not see as well as she used to and now also has a cholesterol deposit on her eye. Many of the issues you bring up relate to many pet owners. I even have meds I wish I knew more about.


If you made some short youtube videos it could be great exposure for SAINTS too...and you could reach a lot of people.

Barbara DeMott

These seems like a great idea and also a money-maker. I know I would pay for a seminar like this if I lived anywhere near by. In fact, we should have one for people too!!


Me, please. Talking about it OK to take Squeaks in? There seems to be some sudden mouth irritation and he is becoming more and more uncomfortable. I'm wondering if the meds are no longer doing the job.