Rescue Journal

i thought that damn groundhog said winter was over...

Carol  ·  Mar. 1, 2012

so whats up with the snow???

weekend warriors do not freak is only an inch or so..but still..really? i thought we were done.

ok so it wasn't cuz i yelled at the dogs the other night that everyone slept so well..great nights sleep again last night and i didn't yell at anyone...yay two good nights sleep in a row!

marvin goes in to the vet today..and jess is booked in for tomorrow. i am going to try to actually empty those clean laundry baskets stacked in my room and de-cobweb my bedroom today.

geez..phoebe has shoved herself in the small of my back in the computer chair. she is multi-tasking..1. keeping warm...2. phoebe type snuggling with her mom (cuz she is not homeless like everyone else)...and 3. doing dog sentry duty..well placed for attacking any stupid dogs who try to horn in on her family time.
she is such a self centered little hag....too bad (unlike tyra) her new big sister june is too nice to eat her.
phoebe loved tyra..but she was a little bit afraid of her too.

krista just got in..i guess another day is starting again.



if he's eating and otherwise fine again then don't worry about getting him in..if he starts downsliding..go ahead and make an appointment to get him checked.


sorry carol i just saw your post about taking bear to the vets. i bought him canned food and hes been eating it fine. also, he quite likes leftovers...i figger fuck it, i really dont think he ll die of obesity or too much salt or whatever other stupid reason "they" say dogs shouldnt have ppl food. so i dont think a vet visit is necessary at this time, but if you want me to take him in anyway, i will.