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Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2012

one of the oldtime rescuers i used to work with, got mad if the pounds and shelters weren't calling her...she thought that meant they were judging her because she had so many and that dogs that she would take in were probably getting euth'd.
she may have been right on both counts.

when my phone isn't ringing..i am profoundly grateful..i don't have to struggle between my goody-two shoes help everyone that i can....and the other part of me who really would like 100 less animals around here.
there are a couple of dogs lately testing the waters cuz they may need to come in. one is from kamloops so i am kind of hoping that getting him here is more of a headache then finding a home for him. the other one may or may not have another option...i am just waiting to hear..hope that he does cuz then i won't have to take him here.

then there are the 2 dogs who's request came in thru the mail yesterday...i don't know anything about them except their owner went into facility care. i did call about them but no return to the message i left so i am assuming either they are placed somewhere or they are both already dead. i figure if they were still around, someone would have been on me like a dirty shirt soon after i called.

whatever..less is still more in my crowded world. and i am far happier not knowing about every desperate, homeless senior animal out there..shit..i know more than enough of them here.

do you why our animals don't often get adopted...(besides that they are mostly old and wrecked?) is because we don't nuke them so everyone figures they are safe.
i am thinking i should nuke one per week and post their picture all over the internet saying this will be happening if so and so does not find a good by friday.

so here we go...

5 yr old blind, diabetic, hypothyoid, adorable, small little husky.
Odie has been fully vetted and comes with all meds.
PLEASE save this dog..time is running out!


(now i can just sit back and wait for the call cuz now for sure some soft heart somewhere is going to feel the need to save this adorable, little, blind, and innocent dog!)



Humm interesting post. Just had a similar conversation with another rescuer how the shelters in the states uses euthanasia as an adoption tool and in Canada, everyone freaks out if that approach is used. I think the comments just proved the point!


i knew it wasn't you are almost as twisted as me! congrats on the new baby!!!!

(at this point in my life i would rather have odie then a 2 month old baby..when he is screaming i can tell him to shut the hell can't do that to a wee sweet little fussing odie is already potty trained.)


Haha. I've noticed a certain lingo that comes with finding homes for dogs like these from online profiles... it should go more like this....
Has some health issues but needs some good TLC... very feisty and full of life... very chatty and likes to talk...likes to play with balls... rambunctious and full of personality.

of course then he would come back to you pretty darn quick lol


You are still my hero. Rats sound like a shit load of work. Hang in there!


Just so you know the comment by Sheri wasn't me (EastRidge Sherie)! And I definitely don't want Odie... A 2-1/2 month old baby is enough right now!


hi kamloops AC if you can help... it is a senior maltese with bad teeth and i am not sure what else is wrong with him.

sheri...sorry if i offended you..ok..not really...cuz maybe you will come and rescue odie from me!

he is a blind, hypothyroid, diabetic..he occasionally bites people if they are pissing him off..he occasionally bites other dogs too if he feels so inclined...he screams NON STOP if he can't be with me..or if he has decided it is now time to eat, he knocks over furniture digging for the ball he just lost (cuz he can't see) to his quality of life? he thinks it is pretty ok...hey...he's got me.

but i bet it would be even better if he had someone like you.

anyway..i am not having a great day..the barn yrd guys are upset..the house guys are upset cuz they were stuck in the house and i am upset because of the baby rats that just lost their lives and their home because i decided to build a nicer chicken house..,,odie however is pretty damn happy cuz i am back in the computer room with him.


They will want to "save" him, and then call you to look after him! ;)

Yes, being truly No Kill has it's disadvantages from an adoption perspective, doesn't it?


Please tell me about the kasmloops dog. I live in Kamloops and can maybe help.

Janice Gillett

I laughed at your Odie Plea and can relate to the rat one as planning an inside rat house in here complete with hammocks and ladders should not be contemplated when i am trying to sleep at night when i have five pigs needing a home.


hey is taking my mind off the horrible slaughter going on in my backyard today..the first coop just came down and under it was a nest of little rat babies.
can't save them..can't save them...can't save them.... turn around carol, feel sick inside but just walk away.

i fucking hate this.


Are you kidding! I hope so this is a dog's life you are talking about. I don't like the way you talk about Nuking these dogs.. Would you fill me in on how Odie is doing and what is his condition is. Quality of life?


You have a really nasty side don't you. I just about had a heart attack!

Ian & Mary

Haha......I'm looking forward to reading the comments on this one...