Rescue Journal

well it is almost the end of the day...

Carol  ·  Mar. 2, 2012

and no one actully swooped in to rescue odie at the 11th hour.

ok that plan didn't work..all i managed to do was piss off maybe a few others who weren't as brave and didn't say.

whatever..walk a mile in my shoes.

i get frustated with all of the buts in the world...oh i would keep him but...i would help her but....i would take them but...

don't even get me started on listing all of the buts in the world. bottom line..there are those that do and there are those that use but as their favorite word.

i actually don't really nuke pain in the ass animals...but sometimes other folks do...oh..and sometimes i want to too.

and there are three TEMPORARY (janice!) pot bellies arriving tomorrow at noon..don't get me started on these guys..janice is so lucky she is already cut down the is against my nursing ethics to kill post surgical recovering crazy freaking pig people.