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apologies..sort of..maybe not.

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2012

it probably was in poor taste posting odie as up for pretend euth...but do you know how frustrating it is to live with all of these really great animals (yes, even the major pain in the asses are great)...and everyone really likes them and even sometimes love quite frankly it is easier to love them here then it is in their own homes.

dogs like odie, phoebe, jesse, ed, dusty, jelly, jerry, shane, manny... ARE total pains in the ass for various reasons BUT..they also are quite incredibly lovely and deserve that second real home forever chance.

so what will it take to get these guys a get people to quit putting buts between them and a real home of their own?

and why do humans always want the easy and perfectly smooth road... why are the more difficult animals so hard for folks to keep or once homeless... even take on? shit, if i can figure out how to not only manage them here BUT love them to bits at the very same time with 140 others farting around under foot..why can't others with a helluvalot less on their plates and in their homes figure it out too?
do you think i have gotten as patient and kind (yes i am kind!) and sometimes smart... as i am just doing the easy peasy piece of cake animals?

it is the tough ones that have forced me to is the hard ones that helped me grow...and now i want to generously share that stretching and growing...pretty nice and helpful of me dontcha think?

but seriously..the point of rescuing all of these guys in the first place was to give them not only a second chance but some extra time for someone great to care enough to take them into their hearts for the rest of their lives...the point was never to just dump them into my heart and keep them there til they die.

i thought everyone would love the old and the sick and the wrecked and the pretty much messed much as i did and would flock to be blessed enough to be able to take them happens for a few of them..the families that have adopted some of our guys really do believe they won the freaking lottery.

and yeah..these guys are safe here..but the other ones out there are NOT safe. so either folks have to start adopting the ones who are waiting in shelters to get in or the ones already here to make room for more to come in.

so won't be odie that dies...but it will be someone else just as special....just as unique....someone just like odie who actually does want to live.

you don't unnecessarily let an animal die because of a but...and you don't make them live the rest of their lives in a shelter either just because it is easy and it works to keep our souls clean...that works ok for humans...but...what about them?

jeezuz..esther is still here 5 years later after saving her from euth..and esther isn't even a pain in the ass..she is literally the nicest and sweetest dog in the whole freaking entire world.



Carol - your sense of humour is so refreshing - and who knows, maybe someone took a look at that innocent face and will come banging on your door to adopt Odie - stranger things have happened - but come on, Carol - "innocent" - my my, that is truly stretching the truth a lot! Rather like calling Carl "handsome".

Barb H

I don't think it was poor taste. I think anyone who reads your blog regularly realizes you have a slightly dark sense of humor, which I believe serves you well in your situation. Sometimes laughter helps you get thru troubles, (barn renos) and its better than crying. It gets people thinking.


ooopppss last post should have read I just DON'T understand some people.


I just understand some people they have a dog for x number of years, then when it has a minor medical issue they want rid of it?? We got Duchess because she was going to be euthed due to her owner going into a care facility and her family wanted nothing to do with her. She leaks now and again so we just covered their beds with plastic under the cover with a blanket on top. When she leaks we just remove the blanket and cover, put a new 1 on, (not rocket science is it?).Now she has new medical issues which we will deal with and not try to get rid of her as she and our other 2 are like our kids, except they are have 4 legs and are furry. Some people should be euthed, would make the world a better place.


Off topic, just letting Mo know that we will bring banana's and pears tomorrow.

Carol Ann

ha ha yes a lot of snorting . burping , drooling, farting and leaking going on around here lol


I really think people do see through different eyes. I have 2 rescued pugs. The next step for both of them was euthanization, one because she was past the optimal beeding age (puppy mill mama) and the other cause she was 12 and her owner wanted to travel. I look at them and see my beautiful girls however, a family member will not even pet them. (Okay, maybe once with one finger.) This person likes the cute young fluffy white dogs but sees no beauty in my old delapidated pugs that snort, drool, fart, burp ...

Carol Ann

Oh Maggie I hear you. I did not get my love of animals from my parents. I have 7 and if my Precious wasn't a mix of Phoebe, Odie, Jesse and Jelly all rolled into one beautiful choc lab I would have a few more. My saints dogs don't give me an ounce of trouble ever except for their health issues but that just makes me love them more.


I'm embarrassed that my own mother is one of those people. She beats her chest about all the poor, unwanted animals that need homes, but when she was looking to adopt and 8 yr old lab, the minute she heard he needed a pill 3X a day to control his incontinance issues, she lost interest. So glad I'm not my mother...

Personally, I'd rather have 3 or 4 special needs animals than 3 or 4 kids...:)